Sunil Jakhar's taunt: Drama new political currency in Punjab, more sales but less credibility

Pankaj Prasad
Pankaj Prasad 28/11/2021 13:33 IST
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Sunil Jakhar has been expressing his displeasure again and again after being removed from the post of Punjab Congress President.

Former Punjab Congress President Sunil Jakhar is angry. This time he has taken a jibe at the political drama in Punjab. In a tweet, Jakhar said that in Punjab, 'drama' is the new political currency. It is like cryptocurrency, it sells a lot, but is less in credibility. His tweet is believed to be a taunt on Punjab Congress chief Navjot Sidhu.

Earlier, Sunil Jakhar is responding in a different way to the allegations made by Punjab Congress President Navjot Singh Sidhu. Sidhu had taken a dig at Jakhar's leadership as former Punjab Congress chief, saying that the former Punjab Congress chief did not raise the issues of sacrilege and drug trade and is now busy posting tweets. On this, Jakhar wrote this much on his Twitter handle on Friday - Fet should tell us infidels, Allah's will is the stain in the sun, there are charisma of nature. ...that which does not happen is a bad intention.

Earlier, Sunil Jakhar had raised questions on the decision to remove Advocate General Deol of the state. He has not only justified this decision taken by the Chief Minister under pressure from the current President Navjot Sidhu, but also said that after the removal of the so-called 'compromised' officer, the face of the real 'compromised CM' has been exposed. Jakhar had tweeted that whose government is running in Punjab?

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Sunil Jakhar also raised questions on the Kedarnath Yatra of CM Charanjit Channi and Navjot Sidhu. He had said that after reaching Uttarakhand, Chief Minister Channi made a political-religious pilgrimage. Everyone has the right to go on a journey, but everyone has their own faith and intention. Chief Minister Channi has tried to convince his majestic deity (Harish Rawat) by reaching Uttarakhand. Now it remains to be seen how successful his journey will be.

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