Fear of Omicron: This dangerous variant of corona found in double the countries within two days, know how much danger is to India

Pankaj Prasad
Pankaj Prasad 28/11/2021 21:35 IST
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Some experts even believe that the Omicron variant has spread to a dozen more countries besides these countries and its cases will come to the fore gradually.

Fear is increasing around the world about the new variant of coronavirus - 'Omicron'. Actually, experts have termed this virus as more dangerous than Delta, because it has been found to be the most sophisticated ie mutated version ever. For example, while only two mutations were found in the delta variant, more than 30 mutations have been recorded in the Omicron variant. Due to this, two days after receiving the first few cases of this form, the World Health Organization had described it as a worrisome form of Variant of Concern ie Corona.

Within two days, this variant of the corona was found in double the countries. Because, while South Africa first revealed this variant on 24 November, by November 26, Omicron had spread to 5 countries. Now as of November 28, Omicron cases have been found in at least 11 countries. Some experts even believe that the Omicron variant has spread to a dozen more countries besides these countries and its cases will come to the fore gradually. That is, the havoc of the Omicron variant can be seen in other countries soon.

Where has the new variant of corona found

so far, the Omicron variant of coronavirus has been found so far in countries from Africa to Europe. It is believed that it originated in Botswana, but the country to find the first case related to it was South Africa. The variant has spread to the UK, Belgium, Germany, Israel, the Czech Republic, Italy, Hong Kong and Australia before other countries could issue travel restrictions or warnings about the new variant. Two cases related to this have not been confirmed yet in the Netherlands.

How much is the risk of Omicron spreading in India?

India had banned international flight services in March 2020. But to send Indian citizens abroad or bring back India, the Ministry of External Affairs has tied up with some countries to operate flights under 'air bubble'. Under this agreement, India ensures the movement of flights from some important countries around the world with full precaution. At present, India has air bubble agreements with 31 countries. That is, people from these countries can come and go to India.

Of the countries where the Omicron variant has been found, India has agreements with three countries to continue its aviation services under the air bubble. These countries are Britain, Germany, and the Netherlands. In such a situation, special attention is being kept on the flights of these three countries from India. The central government had recently announced that it would restore flight service with all countries from December 15, but PM Modi has said to reconsider this decision after a high-level meeting on Corona a day earlier.

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In view of the threat of new form of Corona, Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan has issued an alert to all the states and union territories. It states that to deal with any emergency, containment and surveillance should be increased. Apart from this, the speed of vaccination should also be accelerated.

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