Had gone to become a model in Mumbai and became a sex worker in Agra, 16-year-old Rani's ordeal will be read.

Rachna Kumari
Rachna Kumari 29/11/2021 00:02 IST
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Sex Worker Painful Story: Taking advantage of Rani's innocence, Arun told her that my next project is in Agra, the city of love, "Will you go to Agra with me".....

Agra, which is called the city of love, is a witness to the sign of unrequited love.But, there are so many crazy people in this city, whose love or dreams after coming to this city are forever grounded.One such case is that of the Queen of Kolkata.

This world is full of people of strange kind of mental thinking.Some are ambitious, some are over-ambitious, some are enthusiastic, some are overzealous and everyone knows that where there is too much, things start to deteriorate.Today we are bringing one such case in front of you, in which only a 16-year-old girl who came out of her house with great enthusiasm and went out to achieve some good position.But reached somewhere else..

It is a matter of the year 2020, when the whole world was leaving 19 and entering 20, a girl from Kolkata left her home to step into the modeling world, despite the family's refusal to make her dream a reality. Without telling the family members, Rani (fictitious name) catches a train to Mumbai.It was not easy even for the queen to travel this long alone for the first time from home.But, in extreme enthusiasm, without caring about the world, the queen took this step.

Mumbai started making dreams come true, flauntingher beauty, the queen of Kolkata was now dreaming of becoming the queen of Mumbai.While dreaming, the queen did not know when the journey to Mumbai was completed by train.As soon as she got down at the Mumbai station, Rani tried to contact her Mumbai friends.After some time, Rani got in touch with friends from Mumbai whom she had come to Mumbai from Kolkata to meet.Due to no arrangement to stay in Mumbai, Rani went to live in a room with the some people.

Friendsstarted toshrug off, in the fast-paced life of Mumbai, the queen was now getting accustomed.As soon as she woke up in the morning, it had become her daily task to find modeling commercials in the newspaper.In many places, Rani also gave auditions.But, nowhere did Rani get success.Days turned into weeks and weeks into months, but Rani's success was still far away from her.The enthusiasm of the queen, who came out of her house in extreme enthusiasm, had now completely cooled down, after some time the friends of the queen also started running away from her.

Friends did it because she wasnot getting successoutside the house, many times the thought came in the mind of the queen that why not go back to her home in Kolkata.But the queen of extreme ambition did not go back to her home even after wanting.After all, one day the queen's friends made her out of their house.Now in this city of Mumbai, neither the queen had any friend nor any roof to hide her head.

Due to the lack of money, the beauty of the queen had also started getting rid of the queen.On day 1, Rani reaches the audition center after seeing a commercial for a modeling audition in the newspaper.Seeing the condition of the queen, she does not get a chance to audition.But she meets a boy who was staring at her for a long time.Supporting the rejected queen, the boy takes the queen with him to the nearby tea shop and, while drinking tea, asks the queen for her introduction.

"Will you go to Agra with me?"Taking a sip of tea, the queen slowly introduced herself and at the same time asked the boy for his introduction, the boy introduced himself and said that "my name is Arun" and I amlooking fornew model who is good at modeling.On hearing this word, Rani started seeing her destination very close to her and she immediately started telling everything about herself in detail to Arun.Along with this, she started showing photos of her modeling of her in Kolkata.Taking advantage of Rani's innocence, Arun told Rani that my next project is in Agra, the city of love, "Will you go to Agra with me".....

On hearing this word, the queen felt as if her dreams were about to turn into reality.But, perhaps the time had something else approved.While laughing, Rani Arun and his group left for Agra from Mumbai.Some rooms were booked in a hotel in Agra, from time to time some people started coming to see the queen and her accompanying girls.The project for which he had come from Mumbai to Agra.Seeing that there was no preparation and seeing one or two girls from the group being reduced every day, Rani finally asked Arun when this project would start and where did some girls of the group go missing?

Hearing these questions of the queen, Arun had understood one thing that it was not possible to keep the queen with him for a very long time.The next morning when the queen woke up from sleep, Arun brought her tea from the hotel and said that she should get ready early today, because we are all going for the audition now, the queen was very happy to hear this and drank tea. I don't know where I lost it???

When the queen's eyes opened, her eyes first reached the clock hanging on the wall, the hand of the clock was playing at 6:00 in the evening.It did not take long for the queen to understand that her friend Arun had betrayed her and went somewhere, in a hurry, when the queen came out of that room, she saw a middle-aged woman sitting outside the room with 45 men.Now the queen had understood that whatever is happening to her is wrong.

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Seeing the queen coming out, the woman first started talking to the queen with love and started explaining something to her, but on the queen's refusal, the man standing there at the behest of the woman, started beating the queen, finally giving up. The queen had to obey that woman and then the process of bidding of the queen started.And since then till now the queen has been stuck in this swamp, it is not that the queen's parents have not come to know about it, the queen was traced by the police shortly after filing a missing case.The queen's father had also come to Agra in search of the queen, but once again left the queen's luck and her father returned empty handed from Agra, then this was the story of the queen of Kolkata in the Kashmiri market of Agra where her body was on trade for a few paise.

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