Australia: The new law on social media companies will tighten the screws on the trollers, if the victim goes to court, the name and address will have to be given

Pankaj Prasad
Pankaj Prasad 29/11/2021 22:47 IST
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A provision has been made in this bill that if any citizen feels that any material posted online on a particular social media platform is trying to defame him, then a complaint can be made against him. 

People often get mentally disturbed due to abusive words, abusive words and misbehavior of trollers on social media platforms. Women are especially threatened with rape and murder. This is a problem in almost every country and there are complaints from social media companies that they do not take any action against the trollers. In order to make social media more accountable, Australia is making new rules regarding social media companies and for this, preparations are being made to introduce a bill in Parliament.

A draft of the law is expected to be released this week and tabled in Parliament next year. According to media reports, the 'Social Media (Basic Expectations and Defamation) Bill 2021' proposes to make social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter more accountable. The bill states that it will enable the government to set basic requirements for social media service. Under the new laws, social media companies are being seen as an attempt to crack down on online trolling in which anonymous users hide their identities by trolling and mentally harassing them.

"The reforms will ensure that social media companies are treated as publishers and can be held liable for abusive or defamatory comments posted on their platforms," ​​said a statement issued by Prime Minister Scott Morrison's office. . Social media platforms can be exempted from this if they give information against the troller so that the victim can take defamation action against him.

The statement also said that “social media is often a place of cowardice, where an anonymous person can threaten, harass or ruin someone's life without knowing the consequences. According to Prime Minister Scott Morrison's statement, he wants to bridge the gap between real life and the online world. The rules that exist in the real world should be the same for the digital and online worlds.

What else is in the bill?

According to international media reports, in the proposed bill, the people of Australia will have the right to complain against the social media company if they feel that any objectionable or derogatory post has been made against them on any social media platform that has defamed them. can.

In addition, they will also be able to serve a notice of defamation to the service provider. Provided that for this they will have to provide proof that they have been defamed by the online post.

Social media companies will have to provide the victim's identity details without the troller's consent so that he can file a defamation case.

Once the bill is passed, social media platforms will have to create a standardized complaint system aimed at ensuring that derogatory comments are removed and trollers can be identified.

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Social media companies have to collect the details of all the users. If people want to take legal action, courts can ask companies to hand over the identities of users.

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