Are Mia Khalifa's breasts fake? Revealed the truth herself

Puja kumari
Puja kumari 17/12/2021 22:41 IST
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Mia Khalifa breast surgery: Former porn star Mia Khalifa has revealed through a video that she has got an implant done.

Mia Khalifa, who was a porn star, has been away from the porn industry for a long time, but even today she is quite popular all over the world.Mia Khalifa maintains a connection with her fans on social media and shares every update from her personal life with them.Now he has revealed in a video that his breasts are fake, he has spent lakhs of rupees in this implant surgery.

Revealed in tik tok video

Actually, Mia Khalifa has created a sensation by sharing a video on Tiktok.In this video, he has brought one of his secrets in front of everyone.In the video, he has revealed that recently he has got breast implants done, for which he has also paid a price of several lakhs.This video of Mia is going viral all over the world.

spent so many lakhs

In this video, Mia Khalifa has said that her future daughter will have to spend lakhs of rupees to get a figure like her.In this video that surfaced on the last day i.e. Wednesday, Mia Khalifa has created a scene of conversation with her future daughter.In which 28-year-old Mia becomes her future daughter and says, 'Mom, I want to look like you when I grow up.'Mia herself answers this, 'Mummy has spent 13 thousand dollars (about 9 lakh 90 thousand rupees) on her breast and 15 thousand dollars (about 11 lakh rupees) on nose surgery, so it is better that you save Let's start.'

appreciating the

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Now Mia Khalifa's fans are praising her honesty.Along with this, people are liking the imaginary daughter's style in this video of her.Although people are surprised at this video of Mia that they did not know that Mia's breasts are fake.

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