Train News: Two goods trains collided head-on on Ranchi's Hatia-Bandamunda section, loco pilot saved his life by jumping

Pankaj Prasad
Pankaj Prasad
Jharkhand News, Ranchi News, Indian Railways News, Two goods trains collided, Hatia-Bandamunda section, Pakra and Kursan station

The loco pilot, assistant loco pilot jumped from the engine before hitting the train.

Two goods trains collided head-on on the Hatia-Bandamunda section of Ranchi, Jharkhand due to the negligence of the railways. The incident took place at 9:40 pm between Pakra and Kursan station. The collision was so strong that many wagons were blown up along with the engine. Loco pilot Ranjit Kumar sustained serious injuries in this accident. He jumped and saved his life. It is being told that one goods train was going from Bokaro towards Karampada, while the other goods train was coming from Rourkela towards Bokaro. The mistake was made by the cooked and crisp station. Both gave green signal to the trains for operation. Due to this both the trains came face to face on the same track.

When the train approached, the loco pilots of both the trains tried to apply emergency brakes, but even after applying the brakes, the distance between the two trains became so short that the two could not be stopped from colliding. At the same time, the loco pilots sitting in both the trains, the assistant loco pilots jumped from the engine before the train collided. Except one loco pilot, others suffered minor injuries during the jump. Thankfully, it was a goods train, if such an accident had happened with the passenger train, then many people could have been killed. Railway officials said that one goods train was empty, while the other was loaded.

The negligence of the railways was not limited to just accidents. When the accident was reported, the railways took an hour to send the accident relief train. On the other hand, after sending the relief train, the crane was sent from behind. Then the medical relief train was dispatched to the accident site. In Ranchi Railway Division, a similar incident happened in Tati in the year 2017. One loco pilot and assistant loco pilot died in that accident. In this, while rolling down the UTV, there was a big hit in the goods train parked behind.

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Ranchi Railway Division's DTM Aditya Choudhary said that two goods trains met with an accident between Pakra and Kursan station. No one has died in this accident. All are safe. Relief train has been dispatched. Rescue work has been started after reaching the spot.