Covid Restriction 2022: Closed in the evening, local train will run with 50 percent passengers from Monday in west bengal

Khushbu Kumari Jha
Khushbu Kumari Jha
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When the local train stops after 7 o'clock, when will the office passengers who depend on the train leave the office

In view of the increasing incidence of corona infection in the state, multiple restrictions are being introduced in the state from tomorrow, i.e. from January 3. All educational institutions are closed under this. From 10 pm to 5 am, there are restrictions on the movement of people and vehicles without the necessary services. And the important thing is that even if the local train runs, it will run till 6 pm. This has been informed by the state government.

According to Nabanna, the local train will run with 50 percent passengers even if it is not stopped. However, the service will be closed after 6 pm. No announcement has been made on bus and water transport by Navanna. Chief Secretary Harikrishna Dwivedi told a press conference that the train would not leave after 7 pm. However, there are questions in various quarters about whether the entire service will be stopped at 7 pm or the train will not leave after 7 pm.

According to the source, it will not be possible to sit side by side in the train as before. Half of the passengers can be accommodated in each room. Even after schools, colleges are closed and half of the staff is allowed to go to the office, questions remain about the congestion on the train. Employees of private companies are especially concerned.

Meanwhile, when the local train stops after seven o'clock, when will the office passengers who depend on the train leave the office? Will the office allow you to leave first?

On the other hand, Metro Rail will run with 50 percent passengers from Monday. However, the token is being closed. Instead, travel can be done using a smart card.

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It may be mentioned that 4512 people were infected with corona in the state yesterday. Half of it is in Kolkata. The positivity rate in the state is 12 percent. The positivity rate in Kolkata was 28.9 percent yesterday. Today it is feared that it may increase a little more. In such a situation, corona restrictions are being issued from tomorrow.