CDS Helicopter Crash: The investigation report of the helicopter accident was submitted to Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, revealing many important facts from the reasons

Maharanee Kumari
Maharanee Kumari
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CDS chopper crash inquiry report: In the accident on December 8, 13 army officers including the country's first CDS General Bipin Rawat were killed.

The Air Force submitted a report to Defense Minister Rajnath Singh regarding the Army helicopter accident that happened last month. The report contains many important facts and recommendations regarding the accident. Its detailed presentation was also given to the Defense Minister. It also gave detailed information on the causes of the accident.On December 8, 13 army officers including the country's first CDS General Bipin Rawat were killed in the accident. The incident, which happened near Kannur in Tamil Nadu, was investigated by a joint committee of the three forces. In the inquiry report, the committee has approved Rajnath Singh about the causes of the accident. It also made recommendations for future helicopter operations for VIP flights.

A tri-service inquiry committee headed by Indian Air Force officer Air Marshal Manvendra Singh investigated the accident. A senior helicopter pilot from the Indian Navy was part of the investigation into the accident and played a key role in the investigation. The Screening Committee has also made certain recommendations to modify the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) while operating helicopters carrying senior officers of the Defense Forces. Concerning the details of the accident, sources said that the Mi-17V5 was flying near a railway line in the hills when they suddenly entered a thick cloud. Sources said that the chopper was flying at a low altitude and after knowing the area, it is coming to the fore that its crew did not decide to land the plane. In such a situation, the plane collided with a rock. According to sources, since the entire crew belonged to the 'master green' category, it seems that they were confident that they would be able to get out of the situation, as no calls were made to the ground stations to suggest an emergency. The 'master green' category is given to the best pilots in the transport aircraft and helicopter fleet of the three forces, sources said. These pilots are skilled in flying and landing aircraft in low visibility.

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In addition, the recommendations made by the Inquiry Committee stated that in the future, the crew should consist of Master Green and other category pilots, so that, if necessary, they can seek help from the station on the ground. The inquiry committee headed by Air Marshal M Singh has also made several other recommendations.