PM Modi was trapped in the most sensitive area: Pak border is 30 km away, there has been an explosion in the area, officials are holding their breath

Khushbu Kumari Jha
Khushbu Kumari Jha
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi's convoy was stuck in the most sensitive area of ​​Punjab. While the breath of the officers remained stuck, from Delhi to Chandigarh, the phones started ringing. When the PM's convoy returned 20 minutes later, the officials felt some relief.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's convoy stayed in a very unsafe area for about 20 minutes on Wednesday. In the meantime, the officers held their breath. The reason was that the area where Modi's convoy had stopped has been considered a stronghold of heroin smugglers apart from terrorists. In September last year, a terrorist incident was carried out in the same area. Therefore, apart from the Union Home Ministry, it was justified to create wrinkles on the faces of all the officers of PM Security.

The Indo-Pak border is just 30 kms from where the convoy stopped at some distance from Talwai Bhai and tiffin bombs and other explosives have been continuously found in this area.The blast took place on 15 September 2021 in Jalalabad town, which is also near Firozpur and the investigation of central agencies has made it clear that it was a terrorist attack.After landing at Bathinda airport, the Prime Minister left for Ferozepur by road.His convoy passed through the Bathinda-Firozpur four-lane. Under the SPG protocol, the route used for the movement of the Prime Minister is checked in every way.There was no blockage anywhere on the highway from 7 am to 9 am.After 12 noon, suddenly things started deteriorating and members of farmer organizations and mischievous elements managed to reach the highway.

The protesters already knew about the route.After this, he gathered a crowd by announcing to the speaker in the adjacent village Pyareana and completely blocked the flyover by installing a trolley.At 1.20 PM's convoy stopped on the road.It was continuously informed by the officials that the convoy of PM has stopped.Punjab Police officers also caught their breath.The officers kept giving messages over wireless.The Punjab Police officials were well aware of the sensitivity of this area as there is a continuous operation going on in this area by counter intelligence agencies of Punjab apart from NIA.

The area of ​​Lakhbir Singh Rode, Chief of the Indian Sikh Youth Federation, who has been taking refuge in Pakistan for a long time, is nearby.Lakhbir Singh Rode had delivered tiffin bombs from Pakistan through drones.A terrorist had admitted that one or two tiffin bombs had been delivered in Ferozepur.

It is said that when the PM's convoy stopped, there was a stir in the Chandigarh Police Headquarters from the officers standing on the spot and messages started coming on wireless.When the PM's convoy took a U-turn and left for Bathinda, the officials heaved a sigh of relief.

Farmers had reached near...

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The protesters were sitting at some distance ahead of the place where the Prime Minister's convoy stopped on the National Highway.As soon as the protesters got information about stopping on the way of the PM, some of them started towards the convoy from there.Some of these people even reached near the convoy.After that, sensing the situation, the security officers of the PM decided to return.Before the mob of farmers surrounded the PM's convoy, the officers quickly turned the convoy back.