UP Election 2022: Today in Gorakhpur, CM Yogi will give a gift of 67.89 crores, students will get tablet-smartphone

Pankaj Prasad
Pankaj Prasad
UP Election 2022, Gorakhpur, CM Yogi, tablet-smartphone, CM Yogi will inaugurate projects

CM Yogi will inaugurate projects worth Rs 50.48 crore and lay foundation stones for projects worth Rs 17.31 crore.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, who reached Gorakhpur on Thursday on a two-day visit, will gift development projects worth Rs 67.89 crore to the people of the district on Friday on the occasion of New Year. These include the inauguration of 15 projects worth Rs 50.48 crore and foundation stone laying of projects worth Rs 17.31 crore. The Chief Minister will also distribute tablets and smartphones to 1000 students. In this, about 10 children will get a chance to get a tablet-smart phone in the hands of the Chief Minister. Departmental officers-employees will distribute tablets-smart phones to the rest of the students. The launch-foundation program will be organized at Guru Gorakhnath Vidyapeeth, Bharohia.

The Chief Minister will reach the helipad at Bapu Degree College, PPganj at 9.30 am. From there you will reach Bharohia by road at 9.40 am. The Chief Minister will unveil the statue of Brahmalin Mahant Avadyanath located in Bharohiya development block there. After this, he will attend the launch-foundation program organized at Guru Gorakhnath Vidyapeeth.

The Chief Minister will first lay the foundation stone of the proposed State Institute of Hotel Management building at Gida at a cost of 16.29 crores. After this, the District Information Office building / information complex will be dedicated at a cost of 3.05 crores. Apart from this, the Chief Minister will also lay the foundation stone for various projects worth Rs.48.46 crore separately. Overall, the Chief Minister will present projects worth 67.79 crores to the people of the district from the venue. The Chief Minister will also address the people present in the program at 10.5 am.These projects will be launched

-Project -Executive Agency -Cost -Assembly Constituency- Chanda Ghat for Rapti river on Kasihar-Semra Manik Chak link road - State Bridge Corporation - 3526.32 lakh - Bansgaon- District Information Office / Information Complex - PWD - 305 Lakh, Gorakhpur City- Rupnari Sampark Marg - PWD - 75.88 lakh - Khajni- Kurauli Sampark Marg - LND - 79.57 lakh - Chillupar-Bharvaliya elderly contact road to Kazakpur, Vivekpuram link road - LND - 70.32 lakh - rural-Bharwalia elders contact road to Panchavati link road - LNV - 66.14 lakh - LNIV - rural- Beautification of Kabir Dhuni / Gorakh Talaiya located in Sahjanwan - UPPCL - 409.87 lakh - Sahjanwan- Renovation and beautification of modern reception center - UPPCL - 87.99 lakh - city- Barracks for 120 prisoners in District Jail - UPPCL - 180.13 lakh - City-Govt Ayurvedic Chikitsalaya Narekhas - UPPCL - 14.25 lakh - Bansgaon- Government Ayurvedic Hospital, Daiiha - UPPCL - 14.09 lakh - Chillupar- Government Ayurvedic Hospital, Bhatpar Bankat - UPPCL - 12.94 lakh - Chillupar-Government Ayurvedic Hospital, Asaunji- UPPCL-14.58- Khajni- Women's barracks including circle wall of 30 captive capacity in district jail - UPPCL - 92.23 lakh, city- CC Road within District Jail - UPPCL - 98.42 Lakh - City

Total 15 projects, costing Rs 5048.73 lakh.

Foundation stone of these projects will be laid

Assignment or Project executing agency Cost AssemblyTourism Development of Fair Ground Site in Gorakhnath Temple Complex UPPCL 64.48 lakh CityBeautification of Rishi Sarovar at Basdila in Sardarnagar UPPCL 21.72 lakh chaurichauraTourism Development of Buddha Vihar Affiliated / Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar site located in Sardarnagar UPPCL 6.41 lakh chaurichauraTourism development work of Madui Shiva temple site located at Sahajanwan UPPCL 9.82 lakh drumstickEstablishment of State Institute of Hotel Management UPPCL 1628.99 lakh drumstick

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Total five works- cost 1731.42 lakh