Train travel will now be very safe for women, the team of 'Meri Saheli' will take special care

S Choudhury
S Choudhury
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Traveling in Indian Railways will now become very safe for women. Yes, Railway Protection Force has started a campaign named 'Meri Saheli' in which many arrangements have been made for the safety of women passengers.

Indian Railways News:Indian Railways has taken a commendable step towards making train travel extremely safe for women.Concerns are often raised about the safety of women passengers.. and if they are traveling alone, the fear of insecurity remains throughout the journey.In such a situation, now the Railway Protection Force (RPF) has started a new campaign.The name of this campaign is 'Meri Saheli'.My friend's team will go and talk to the female passengers during the train journey and ask for their problems.If there is any problem, it will be resolved as soon as possible.Apart from this, a helpline number will also be issued for women passengers.Due to which a complaint can be lodged on that number in case of any problem during the journey.

Where will these facilities start:At present, the Meri Saheli campaign will be started for long distance trains.After which women passengers will get its facility in all trains.Railway Protection Force has currently deployed 244 Meri Saheli teams in the country.The team of New Sehli will contact the women passengers as soon as the train reaches the station, during which the data of complaints registered will also be kept.

How to get help:Any female passenger will have to give her name and seat number to get help.After which my friend's team will provide help as soon as possible.During this, many data related to women will also be helped in collecting.First of all, what kind of difficulties do women passengers face, what is the number of complaints.What is the number of women traveling in the train?Such as will help in collecting many important data.Which can be used in other plans.Let us inform that many measures have been taken by the Railways for the safety of women.Monitoring through CCTV Efforts have been made to facilitate women through special trains also.

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