Djokovic controversy: Djokovic's lies caught? World number one Novak in trouble due to lawyer's statement

Maharanee Kumari
Maharanee Kumari 09/01/2022 13:01 IST
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Djokovic's lawyer told that on December 16, the Serbian player came to Corona positive. Because of this he is unable to get the vaccine right now. Djokovic seems to be in trouble with this statement. Learn why...

In the first Grand Slam Australian Open of the year, the matter related to Novak Djokovic has caught fire.The visa of the world number one male tennis player was revoked upon arrival in Melbourne.He is accused of not getting the corona vaccine, while Australia has strict laws regarding this.Djokovic is currently in the custody of immigration officials in Melbourne.On Monday, the court will decide on Djokovic's case whether he will play the Australian Open or return to his country Serbia.

Djokovic did not get the Corona vaccine
Djokovic refused to get the vaccine before coming to the Australian Open.They wanted to enter the tournament through a medical certificate.The organizers agreed, but the government there did not agree.The government said that Djokovic would have to give a valid reason for not getting the corona vaccine.After this, Djokovic's lawyer told that on December 16, the Serbian player came to Corona positive.Because of this he is unable to get the vaccine right now.
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Djokovic's lawyer, whohad arrived at the event without a mask,seems to be getting himself in trouble.In fact, Djokovic appeared without a mask at an event for young tennis players in Belgrade after being infected with Corona on 16 December.According to media reports, after the Belgrade Tennis Federation ceremony, a post was posted on the social media handle Facebook, in which Djokovic was giving away cups and awards to the best young players.

The event was held in Belgrade
The ceremony was held at the Novak Tennis Center in Belgrade.Only award winning players participated in it.Some photos of the ceremony have also surfaced, in which Djokovic is seen posing with the Federation officials and 20 young players holding the cup-award.None of them were wearing masks.At the same ceremony, Federation owner Milan Slavkovic honored Djokovic with an icon.

Djokovic was also honored,
this honor was given to him for his integral contribution to tennis.The honor was widely reported in the Serbian media.Apart from this, Djokovic attended another ceremony on 16 December.Indeed, Djokovic was honored by the Serbian National Postal Service.It depicted him and his sporting achievements.Djokovic himself posted a picture of the ceremony on Instagram on December 17.

Many questions are being raised on Djokovic,
in such a situation, questions are being raised that despite being infected with Corona, Djokovic walked around in so many functions without a mask and met most of them.If he was really corona infected, then he acted as a corona spreader.Despite being infected with Corona, Djokovic met the young players as well as the officials of the ceremony.According to reports, Djokovic was also afraid to reveal the reason for not getting the vaccine due to this reason.

Djokovic's visa canceled The visa of
world number one tennis player Novak Djokovic has been canceled by Australia.Djokovic has challenged this in a local court.It will be decided on Monday whether the 20-time Grand Slam champion will play in the Australian Open or will be sent back home.Until then, Djokovic will have to stay in the government refugee detention center.

Djokovic, 34, from Serbia arrived in Melbourne on Wednesday.After this, he was kept at the airport for about eight hours.After this the Australian Border Force announced the cancellation of his visa.The Border Force says that Djokovic has not met all the criteria to enter the country.The border officials did not accept his medical exemption.

Djokovic opposed the vaccine
Last year, Djokovic openly opposed the vaccine.He said during a Facebook chat that he is against vaccination.He does not like that he has to get the corona vaccine to play tennis.This is his personal matter.It has nothing to do with tennis.However, the reason for not getting the vaccine was not given.

Vaccination required for tournament
The Victoria State Government has allowed only those players, officials and spectators to enter the Australian Open starting from January 17, who have received both the vaccines of Corona.Djokovic, 34, is currently at the first place in the men's rankings.He has won a total of 84 titles including 20 Grand Slams in his career.He has a total prize money of Rs 1154 crore.

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