Urfi Javed opened the buttons of pants in front of the camera. Read the whole story on news247plus

Amit Kumar Jha
Amit Kumar Jha 11/01/2022 20:42 IST
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The latest pictures of Urfi Javed are going viral on social media. In the pictures, Urfi was seen posing more than one by opening the button of the pants. News247plus brings in the full details

Kolkata:Urfi Javed, who lives in the limelight, does anything at any time.Urfi, who has given more than one pose in her strange dress, has done something this time, after seeing the pictures of which you will also say that Urfi is too bold. Read the full story on news247plus.com

Opened pants buttons

In this picture, Urfi is wearing brown colored pants and is seen laughing and laughing by opening its buttons.In the picture, Urfi is wearing a pink bralette top and her hair is scattered around her face.

Showed glamorous look

In the pictures that Urfi has shared on social media, she looks very glamorous.Urfi is wearing matching earrings with a pink color bralette.Along with this, she is seen playing with her hair by doing open hair.

wrote this caption

While sharing these pictures, Urfi Javed has also written a caption on her official Instagram account.Urfi wrote in the caption- 'This picture of me laughing with dance... that too without any reason.'

She was seen at the airport holding Geeta in her hand.

Urfi Javed was recently seen at the Mumbai airport.As soon as she appeared, the cameras turned towards her.After this, people's eyes went to the caption written on her T-shirt in which she spoke her mind with the name of Bollywood's legendary lyricist and screenwriter.Actually, the white T-shirt that Urfi was wearing in this video was written in the caption - 'I am not the granddaughter of Javed Akhtar.'It is a matter of fact that in the video, Urfi was holding Bhagwat Geeta in her hand.

For this reason the caption was written

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Urfi, who was spotted at the airport, says that please pay attention to her T-shirt.Every day many people tag her on Twitter and say 'Teach Javed Akhtar's granddaughter something.I am fed up with these things of people.I am not Javed Akhtar's granddaughter.With this statement, Urfi has made it clear that she has nothing to do with Javed Sahab.

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