America news: Mother of 12 children runs throughout the day, does this work for household expenses

Amit Kumar Jha
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Brittany Church, a 33-year-old woman from America, leaves her job and runs a mobile throughout the day and through this her entire household is financed. Let us tell you that Britney is the mother of 12 children, that is, her family is very big.

Intoday's time mobile is being considered as the biggest weapon.What can people not do using mobile?In today's time, the passion of people is to become a social media influencer.Months earn millions through a high fan following.American Brittany Church (Britni Churchwas) named 33-year-old has decided to run your home through the mobile left his job as a factory and they were also successful.Let's know the means of earning of Britney.

Britney is the mother of 12 children

The mother of 12 children is nowraisinga large family by makingvideos (Mother of 12 kids Earn Money from TikTok)only on her phone.A family of 12 children is very big.It also includes children's food and drink, clothes, education expenses etc.For this, people have to work hard day and night, but American woman Britney does not have to struggle much for them, because her earnings are sitting at home.

What work does Britney do?

According to the report of The Sun, Britney makes videos related to her daily life sitting at home and uploads it on Tiktok and earns a lot of money from it.Britney has 1.8 million followers on Tiktok and on the basis of these followers, her household is being spent.Many people watch Britney's videos, due to which she earns.Let us tell you that Britney's husband also has his own business.

left job after 8 kids

As long as Britney had 8 children, she used to do her job, but after giving birth to 3 children together, she left the job and started posting her videos on social media.He has got more than 53 million likes.She earns money from the creators fund for these views.

Britney's 12 kids cost so many diapers

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Apart from Tiktok, Britney also has millions of followers on Instagram.She says that every week she has to spend Rs 23,000 on food.He brings 66 cartons of milk and needs 600 diapers every week.