Pakistan: Kartarpur Corridor reunites two separated brothers after 74 years, they were separated at the time of partition

Pankaj Prasad
Kartarpur Corridor, Pakistan, partition, brothers met after 74 years

In November last year, two friends met on the Kartarpur Corridor after 73 years. This time after 74 years, brought a happy occasion for the two separated brothers.

Pakistan's Kartarpur Corridor once again brought a happy occasion for the two separated brothers. This was the chance to meet loved ones after 74 years. During the partition of India-Pakistan, a brother got separated from his family. The names of both the brothers are Muhammad Siddiqui (80) and Habib. Siddiqui lives in Faisalabad in Pakistan and Habib lives in Phulanwala in Punjab, India.

When they met on the Kartarpur Corridor, both of them could not control their emotions and wept and hugged each other. During this, the eyes of the family members present there also filled up. Everyone was happy with this meeting. During this, both of them refreshed their old memories. He said that this corridor helps a lot in reuniting the separated families. Gurdwara management officials were also present during their meeting. A video of their meeting was also shared on social media, which many people are happy to see.

Last year, after 73 years, two friends met on the Kartarpur Corridor in November last year after 73 years. Sardar Gopal Singh (94) living in India and Muhammad Bashir (91) of Pakistan both got separated at the time of partition. Similarly, in 2019 too, the Kartarpur Corridor was made a means of meeting two separated brothers. Dalbir Singh, a resident of India at that time, was separated from his elder cousin Amir Singh during the riots at the time of partition.

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What is Kartarpur Corridor?Corridor has been constructed in India from Dera Baba Nanak in Punjab to the International Border. At the same time, a corridor has been made from Narowal district of Pakistan to the Gurudwara. Kartarpur is considered to be the first Gurdwara and its foundation was laid by Guru Nanak Dev Ji. There is a visa-free travel arrangement for the pilgrims going from India to pay their respects here.