Creepy: When the wife made a small demand, the husband was furious, put a dagger in the neck to death, would have killed the children too, but ...

Pankaj Prasad
Pankaj Prasad 13/01/2022 13:18 IST
Husband murdered wife, CO Sunil Kumar Singh, Niwari police station area, Crime

Pooja's brother Sonu told that in 2015 she got court marriage with already married Subhash.

On Tuesday, in Umesh Park Colony of Modinagar, a villager killed his second wife by strangulating her with a sharp weapon. After the incident, the accused fled after locking the house. Seeing the house closed till late night, the neighbors informed the police, anticipating something untoward.

The police recovered the blood-soaked body of the woman by breaking the lock of the room. The woman's brother alleges that her sister was pressurizing her to transfer some property to her children. He was murdered in this fury. The father of the deceased has filed a case of named murder.

Pappu, a resident of Nan village of Hapur, had married daughter Pooja (40) to Harendra, a resident of Abupur village of Niwari police station area, about 18 years ago. Harendra died a few years later. Pooja started living separately with her two children Manish and Priyanka. In the meantime, he had a relationship with Subhash, a resident of the village.

Pooja's brother Sonu told that in 2015 she got court marriage with already married Subhash. Subhash started living with Pooja and two children in a rented house in Modinagar about eight months ago. Those people had shifted to Umesh Park Colony only two months ago. Sonu alleges that sister Pooja was pressurizing Subhash to transfer some property in the name of her two children. Seeing the opportunity, Subhash of criminal tendency killed Pooja on Tuesday.

Neighbors informed the police after the house remained closed till late night

Police said that Subhash used to go to his village Abupur also. On Tuesday morning, both Pooja's children Manish (14) and Priyanka (12) went to school. Meanwhile, Subhash reached Umesh Park and after killing Pooja, locked the lock of the house from outside and ran away. When the neighbors suspected that there was no movement in the house throughout the day, they informed the control room. When the police broke the lock of the house, Pooja's body was lying there.
Subhash was trying to kill the children

Sonu told that after killing Subhash Pooja took Manish and Priyanka from school to their home in Abupur village. When asked about the mother, Subhash told the children that his mother had gone to Shimla on a picnic and would come after many years. After keeping Abupur for some time, Subhash took both the children to a ruined house in the forest. Meanwhile, the police reached there searching for Subhash, then the accused fled leaving the children there. The relatives allege that Subhash was in the process of killing the children.

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For the arrest of the accused, CO Sunil Kumar Singh says that on the Tahrir of father-in-law Pappu, a report of named murder has been registered against the accused son-in-law Subhash. The cause of death will be clear after the post-mortem report. Efforts are on to arrest the accused.

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