Two new drugs for corona: use of arthritis drug baricitinib with corticosteroids, WHO approval

Pankaj Prasad
Pankaj Prasad 14/01/2022 10:02 IST
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These drugs have increased the chances of survival of the patients and reduced the need for ventilators for the infected.

The World Health Organization on Friday approved two new drugs for the coronavirus amid a renewed worldwide corona epidemic. WHO experts said that the arthritis drug baricitinib, used with corticosteroids, has proved to be effective in treating severe or severe COVID patients.

Due to these drugs, the chances of survival of patients have increased and the need for ventilators for the infected has decreased. This good news has come amidst the increasing number of corona virus infected every day in the world. The WHO estimates that half of Europe will be infected by March.

In their recommendation in the British medical journal BMJ, WHO experts said the arthritis drug baricitinib, used with corticosteroids to treat severe or severe Covid patients, has improved survival rates and reduced the need for ventilators.

Sotrovimab also recommended

Experts also recommended synthetic antibody treatment sotrovimab for non-severe COVID patients. It is effective for those infected who are at high risk of hospitalization. These include people who are elderly, suffer from weakened immune systems or suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes.

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Since September 2020, WHO has approved only four drugs, including corticosteroids, for critically ill patients. Corticosteroids are inexpensive and widely available. Arthritis drugs tocilizumab and serilumab, which were approved by the WHO in July. Earlier in September, WHO approved synthetic antibody treatment Regeneron.

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