Corona Effect: Insurance companies implemented new rule, insurance policy will be available only after three months after recovering from corona infection

Pankaj Prasad
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The whole world is troubled by Corona. Now in the third wave, the Omicron variant of Covid-19 is spreading its feet.

The whole world is troubled by the outbreak of Corona. Now the third wave i.e. Covid-19 is being spread by the Omicron variant. In view of the increasing scope of Corona, insurance companies have now implemented a new rule. Under this, a person will not be able to get any insurance policy for three months after recovering from corona infection.

Yes, for the new rule of insurance companies, people who have recovered from coronavirus infection will now have to wait for 3 months before taking a new life insurance policy. Insurance companies are implementing the waiting period requirement for coronavirus cases like other diseases. Life and health insurance companies ask people to wait for a certain period of time to do a risk assessment before issuing a policy. For people who have recovered from corona infection, this condition of waiting period will be applicable only on life insurance policies.

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According to experts, the waiting period for people who have recovered from corona infection means that insurance companies have become alert about the high mortality rate after infection. The number of claims has increased tremendously in the last two years. So that the rising cost of claim settlement can be controlled. Insurance companies have also been asked to bring cases of corona infection under the standard waiting period as the high mortality rate has hit the reinsurance business. According to experts, term insurance plans are reinsured by life insurers but the condition of the insurance sector for the last two years has affected the financial condition of life insurers.