Road accident in Agra: Truck collides with tractor-trolley, two youths killed, driver critical

Pankaj Prasad
Pankaj Prasad 14/01/2022 22:43 IST
Road accident in Agra, Truck collides with tractor-trolley, horrific accident, Achenara area

A horrific accident took place on Thursday night on the southern bypass due to fog in the Achenara area of ​​Agra.

A truck rammed into a stone-laden tractor-trolley due to dense fog on the Southern Bypass in Agra's Achhenra area at 3 pm on Thursday. After the collision, the tractor separated from the trolley and overturned. Two people on board died in the accident. Police reached the information and sent the bodies for post-mortem.

Hari Singh, a resident of Ghari Bhakti village of Thana Tundla in Firozabad, was carrying stones in a tractor-trolley on Thursday night. He was accompanied by Vishal (24) residents of Nagla Punna, Raibha and Mangal (25) residents of Margora, Achhnera. A truck coming from behind rammed into a tractor-trolley near Raibha Cut located on the southern bypass. This caused the tractor to separate from the trolley.

Vishal and Mangal died on the spot Vishal and Mangal died on the spot in the accident. After hitting the truck, the truck got out of control and came on the right track and got stuck in a field near the shop. Thereafter the truck driver fled. On information, the police sent the bodies for post-mortem and admitted the injured to the hospital.

The way was opened by making the tractor-trolley side by side with the crane. Outpost in-charge Sonu Sharma said that two people died in the accident and the condition of the tractor driver is critical. Whose treatment is going on in a hospital in Agra. On the other hand, after the accident, the relatives of the deceased were in a bad condition.

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12 vehicles collided with each other 12 vehicles collided one after the other in fog on New Southern Bypass in Thana Malpura area at 6 am on Friday. The vehicles collided after a bike rider was hit by the DCM. Due to the accident, the bypass was blocked for six kilometers. When the police arrived, the injured were sent to the hospital. The damaged vehicles were removed at 3 pm. During this, vehicles kept crawling due to jam on the bypass for nine hours. A young man has died in the accident.

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