Law implemented: 75 percent reservation for Haryana's youth in private sector jobs from today, know how to get benefits

Pankaj Prasad
Pankaj Prasad 15/01/2022 07:25 IST
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In case of non-availability of skilled or qualified employees in the state, the private sector employment provider will have to inform the labor department.

From January 15, the youth of Haryana will start getting 75 percent reservation in private jobs up to 30 thousand rupees. The government had issued notification to implement the Haryana State Local Persons Employment Act, 2020 in 2021 itself, which will be effective from Saturday in the entire state. The data related to the employment of the youth of the state in private companies, trusts and societies etc. will be available on the website of Haryana Labor Department. Anyone can see them by visiting the website.

The Labor Commissioner said on Friday that the department has also made a portal to get every information related to the law which is coming into force from January 15. The law will remain in force for 10 years from the time it comes into force. After the notification of this law was issued last year, Chief Minister Manohar Lal has given a slogan to make the state unemployed free-employed by 2024. This law is very important to achieve this goal. This will provide employment to thousands of youth of the state.

The JJP, an ally in the government, had promised in the assembly elections to provide 75 percent employment to local youth in companies set up in Haryana. Deputy Chief Minister Dushyant Chautala says that companies were given time till January 15 to make available the data of employees to the government. The companies have put the information on the portal of the Labor Department.

It is mandatory for private companies and trusts etc. to register all their employees on the portal available on the website of Labor Department, Haryana, whose gross monthly salary or salary is more than 30 thousand rupees. Violation of any provision of this law is a punishable offence.

Startups will be exempted from this law for two yearsOnly the natives of Haryana will get the benefit of the scheme.It will be monitored by the officers of the level of Deputy Director of Industries and Commerce Department.This rule will not apply to brick-kilns, workers of Odisha and Jharkhand will work there, such workers are not available in Haryana.Workers of West Bengal will be given priority in construction sector works. they have mastered itITI pass youth will get priority in employment

If any company, factory, institution, trust hides the information of its employees, then there is a provision of fine. No employee working in the private sector will be fired. Every employee with a job up to Rs 30 thousand will have to register his name on the website of the Labor Department. It's Free. It will be the responsibility of the concerned company, firm or employment provider. The company which does not register the information of its employee can be fined from 25 thousand to one lakh rupees under section-3 of the Haryana State Employment to Local Candidates Act-2020. If still the company violates the law, then it will be fined five thousand rupees per day.

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This will be the format of the law Haryana State Employment to Local Candidates Act-2020 will be applicable to all private industries, firms or every employment provider in the state where more than 10 employees are employed. This rule will not apply to the already working employees but will be applicable to the new recruits.

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