Covid-19: Expert said - Corona epidemic cannot last forever, will end soon

Pankaj Prasad
Pankaj Prasad
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Scientist and virologist Dr Qutub Mahmood said that we are very close to the end of the epidemic.

Not only India, but the whole world is also facing new variants of coronavirus. Corona has affected every area, due to which people have to face a lot of problems. Along with this, India has set a record by applying 156 crore vaccines till the first anniversary of the nationwide corona vaccination campaign that started on 16 January 2021.

Vaccination is the strongest weapon

Meanwhile, a relief news has also come to the fore. Dr Qutub Mahmood, scientist and virologist in Washington told ANI that vaccination is the strongest weapon against corona. The pandemic cannot last forever and its end is very near.

He also said that I would say that there is no winner in this game of chess, it is going to be a draw, where the virus will hide and we will really win and we will soon get rid of facemasks. He lauded India for achieving 60 percent vaccination within a year.

Very close to the end of the pandemic, while talking to ANI, he said that I think we are very close to the end of the epidemic. So, I hope that as we move forward this year, maybe we will come out of the pandemic very soon. He said that the virus changes its form and tries to create mutants to adapt to the changing immunity in humans so that it can survive. He said that it is like a chess game between humans and the virus.

Giving the example of the game of chess, Dr. Qutub Mahmood said that the virus is making its own moves, we humans are also weeding it out with our moves. We have small tricks like facemasks, hand sanitisers, social distancing and we have weapons that we have used against the virus with vaccines, antivirals and antibodies.

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Further praising India, he said that it is a real big achievement for the country and for the vaccine manufacturers in India . As you know Indian vaccines got used globally and this time, last year, we were in the process of getting these vaccines approved through Indian DCGI. Emergency use and India has achieved nearly 60 per cent immunization in 12 months is a major achievement for the Government of India, the Ministry of Health and the vaccine manufacturers.