The child started crying due to hunger: Mother tweeted to the Railway Minister, after 23 minutes milk was found in the train

Pankaj Prasad
Pankaj Prasad 18/01/2022 07:28 IST
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Anjali Tiwari's eight-month-old baby, who was traveling in AC-3 coach of LTT Express, started crying from hunger.

An eight-month-old baby of Anjali Tiwari, who was traveling in AC-3 coach of LTT Express (12143) going from Lokmanya Tilak Terminal to Sultanpur, started crying of hunger. Anjali tweeted to the Railway Minister after talking to the family members. 23 minutes after the tweet, the railway administration provided milk to the child at Kanpur Central. The woman also thanked the railway officers over the phone.

Anjali Tiwari, originally a resident of Sultanpur, boarded the number 17 and 20 of the B-1 coach of LTT Express to come home with her two children. When the train was about to reach Bhimsen station at 14.30, his child started crying of hunger.

Several attempts were made to pacify the child but could not succeed. After talking to the family members, tweeted the Railway Minister at 14.52 am. By then the train had left Bhimsen station. The railway administration became active after the tweet. On the instructions of Kanpur Central Deputy CTM Himanshu Shekhar Upadhyay, ACM Santosh Tripathi arranged milk for the child. When the train arrived at platform number nine of Kanpur Central at 15.15 pm, went to the coach and gave hot milk.

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When Santosh Tripathi talked to Anjali on the phone, he thanked the railway department for this help. This train left from Kanpur to Sultanpur after 8 minutes.

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