New initiative in the virtual world: Wedding feast on Facebook's Metaverse, the incarnation of the late father of the bride will also be included in the reception

Pankaj Prasad
Pankaj Prasad 18/01/2022 07:41 IST
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This will be the first wedding event to be held in India in the 3D digital world of the Metaverse.

Tamil Nadu's Dinesh SP and Naganandini Ramaswamy will need neither special decorations in their wedding reception nor to go among the huge crowd of guests during the pandemic. They have hosted their post-wedding reception in the metaverse of Facebook, a new world of virtual reality. This will be the first matrimonial event to be held on the Metaverse in India. Naganandini's late father will also join in as an avatar.

Dinesh's idea of ​​this unique reception was enthusiastically accepted by his fiancee. The Metaverse is a 3D digital world, where augmented reality, virtual reality (VR) and block chain technologies are made available on social media platforms. Here users can meet and interact with each other by creating their own fake avatars. Naganandini's late father will also be able to attend for the same reason. His avatar will be made on the basis of his pictures.

The theme of the reception kept at Hogwart Fort is that the bride and groom are fans of Harry Potter, so the reception theme has been kept at Hogwart Fort. After returning from the wedding on 6th February at Shivalingapuram in Krishnagiri, both of them will come to the reception in avatars wearing traditional clothes on laptops. Relatives have been given a link and password to join, from which they will choose their avatar. All avatars will be able to meet and interact with each other. Gifts will also be given through vouchers or Google Pay. But most important here, there will be no food.

thought in corona pandemic

Dinesh, who miners the cryptocurrency Ethereum, is a project associate at IIT Madras and his fiancee is a software developer. Dinesh-Naganandini also met on Instagram.

The Corona epidemic and lockdown gave him the idea of ​​​​reception on the metaverse so that more people could participate in it and the infection would not spread. He contacted Vignesh Selvaraj of Quatix Tech, an app development startup, who did all the preparations for this unique reception.

Marriage not legal on the Metaverse

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Last year in the US, Tracy and Dave married on the Metaverse, which was the first such marriage. Many states of America do not recognize it. The US Marriage Ministry digital avatars are not considered to be real human beings. Salman Waris, an officer of the Tech-Lagis organization in India, says that 'marriages and marriages took place on video calling in lockdown, it was accepted, but there were real people there. Actual identification on the Metaverse platform is extremely difficult. These avatars do not confer legal status or the legal right to be a representative of anyone.

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