Surya Grahan 2022: Do this work after the end of solar eclipse, negativity will go away

Khushbu Kumari Jha
Khushbu Kumari Jha 28/04/2022 21:50 IST
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Solar Eclipse 2022 Upay: It has been four months since the beginning of the new year and the first solar eclipse of the year is going to take place on the new moon day on the last day of April. Let us know what works are necessary to be done after solar eclipse.

Years First Surya Grahan 2022: The first solar eclipse of the year 2022 is going to take place on 30th April, Saturday. Many types of beliefs have been told in astrology regarding solar eclipse. What should be done and what should not be done before the solar eclipse. What should not be done during solar eclipse and what is necessary to do after solar eclipse to remove its negative effects. All these things have been mentioned in astrology.

Let us inform that the solar eclipse will start from 12:15 pm on the night of 30 April and will end on 1 May at 4:7 am. According to the scriptures, some work must be done after the eclipse. With this the effect of negative energy of eclipse can be eliminated. Let's learn about them.

Do this work immediately after solar eclipse

It has been told in astrology that after the solar eclipse, Gangajal should be sprinkled on the Tulsi plant. This purifies the Tulsi plant.

Make sure to sprinkle Gangajal in the temple or house of worship. This eliminates the negative energy entering the house.

Pregnant women should take special care of themselves during solar eclipse. It is believed that the negative energy released during the eclipse also has an effect on the child being with the mother. Therefore, take a bath immediately after the eclipse ends.

After the eclipse, make sure to donate sesame, gram dal. By doing this one gets rid of the problems and troubles of life.

After the eclipse, negative energy spreads in the environment. Therefore, after the eclipse is over, sprinkle Gangajal all over the house.

After the eclipse, one must apply broom and mop in the house.

It is written in the scriptures that after the eclipse, one must take a bath in the Ganges. But if you cannot go for a bath in the Ganges, take a bath by adding Gangajal to the bathing water at home. There is also benefit from this.

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It is believed that after the solar eclipse, the sight of the gods and goddesses is considered auspicious. Therefore, after the eclipse is over, you must have darshan of your adorable god.

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