Video: Shot in the head of the daughter, blew herself after the wife, the whole family ended in 10 seconds

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Pankaj Prasad 28/04/2022 22:17 IST
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In Anisabad, the capital Patna, on Thursday, a cynical man gunned down his wife and daughter on the middle of the road and committed suicide.

Phulwari Sharif: In Anisabad, the capital Patna, on Thursday, a cynical man gunned down his wife and daughter on the middle of the road and committed suicide. Due to this triple murder in the police colony, there was panic in the whole area. When people came out of the house, they saw three bloodied dead bodies lying together on the road. As soon as the information was received, the Gardnibagh police station reached the spot and took possession of the body and sent it for post-mortem. A family dispute is being told behind the incident.

The incident happened on the middle road a few steps away from the house

It is said that Rajiv Kumar shot his wife Priyanka Bharti and daughter Sanskriti alias Sara Bharti (14 years) with bullets in the police colony of Gardnibagh police station and committed suicide by shooting himself. The incident happened a few steps before the woman's rented house on the middle road. The woman and her daughter used to live on rent in the house of Girish Narayan Sharma, a retired police officer in the police colony. Both the mother and daughter were returning to their rented house from Bihat in Begusarai after attending a marriage ceremony in the police colony, where the husband of the woman who had already ambushed carried out the incident.

Husband was doing Reiki from maternal homeIt is said that Rajiv followed his wife in a vicious manner after knowing about her coming from the maternal home and as soon as the mother and daughter started walking from the police colony turn to their rented house, the first bullet hit the daughter in the head and the second. After killing Priyanka Bharti, he ended up shooting himself too. In just 10 seconds the whole family was over. The husband, wife and daughter had died on the spot due to bullet injuries.

Police team is investigating

As soon as the information about the incident was received, a team of several police officers including ASP Secretariat Gardanibagh police station reached the spot. The police have recovered the pistol used in the murder from the spot, from which the crime has been carried out. The police is investigating the case. The police team has started scrutinizing the many CCTV cameras installed around.

Married to sister-in-law after the death of the first wife

The first wife of Rajiv Kumar, a resident of Begusarai's Bihat, has passed away. He had a daughter Sara from that wife. After that, on the persuasion of people, Rajiv's in-laws got him married to sister-in-law Priyanka Bharti. Priyanka Bharti had married her brother-in-law Rajiv Kumar, but after marriage there was no good relationship. Priyanka started having estrangement with her husband Raju due to which both of them changed their ways. After this, Priyanka Bharti did a second love marriage with Satish Kumar of Patna. At the same time, his daughter Sara Bharti also started living with her aunt i.e. second mother Priyanka Bharti.

Neither daughter nor wife wanted to live with Rajiv

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Here, Rajiv wanted to take possession of his daughter from the beginning, but the girl did not want to go to him because of her (father Rajiv's) behavior. There used to be controversy regarding this matter. It is because of this controversy that this incident has been carried out. Satish Kumar, a resident of Phulwari Sharif in Patna, is currently posted in the Army Air Force. According to the family members, Satish is currently in Delhi, who has left for Patna after hearing the murder of his wife and daughter. According to the family members, Priyanka Bharti used to work in the Health Department in Patna Secretariat.

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