Massive explosion in mosque during Ramadan's goodbye Zuma prayers in Kabul, 10 killed, 20 injured

Pankaj Prasad
Pankaj Prasad 29/04/2022 22:18 IST
Massive explosion in mosque, ramadan, Bomb blast, Kabul, Taliban, Khalifa Aga Gul Jaan Masjid

The series of blasts is not taking the name of stopping since the Taliban took control of the Afghan power.

Kabul: The series of blasts is not taking the name of stopping since the Taliban took control of the Afghan power. Every day there is news of explosion at some place or the other. A spokesman for the Taliban government said on Friday that a massive explosion took place at the Agha Gul Jan Mosque during Ramadan prayers in Kabul, the Afghan capital. About 10 people lost their lives in this blast, while more than 20 are said to be injured. It is also being told that during the prayers of Goodbye Juma, the mosque was packed with names.

The mosque was full of worshippers

Locals said hundreds of people had gathered at the mosque to offer prayers on the 'goodbye Juma' of the Muslim holy month of Ramzan, after a massive blast at Kabul's Aga Gul Jan Mosque. He said that the Khalifa Aga Gul Jaan Masjid was packed with prayers. He said that the death toll in the blast is expected to rise further.

Security personnel cordoned off the area

On the other hand, Interior Ministry spokesman Mohammad Nafi Taqor did not give more details about the blast. He only said that Taliban security personnel had completely cordoned off the blast area. So far no one has claimed responsibility for the blast, nor was its source immediately known, he said.

Many buildings were shaken by the blast

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Local residents said the blast was so strong that the buildings around the mosque shook. An ambulance was seen moving towards the spot after the blast. This mosque belongs to the majority Sunni Muslims of Afghanistan. There have been several recent blasts in Afghanistan, and similar attacks on mosques have targeted the country's minority Shia Muslims.

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