Perfume businessman Piyush Jain's bail application rejected, Rs 196.57 crore was found during the raid in the house

Pankaj Prasad
Pankaj Prasad 29/04/2022 22:24 IST
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In the raids of DGGI Ahmedabad, perfumes were recovered from the house of Piyush Jain for 196.57 crores.

At present, the troubles of perfume businessman Piyush Jain are not taking the name of lessening in the recovery of Rs 197.57 crore. The district judge rejected his bail application. Now he only has the option of going to the High Court. The remand hearing will be held on May 9. 197.57 crore cash and 23 kg gold were recovered in the businessman's houses in Kanpur and Kannauj. DGGI's Special Public Prosecutor Ambareesh Tandon once again opposed Piyush's bail.

Did not get bail even on tax evasion

In the raids of DGGI Ahmedabad, perfumes were recovered from the house of Piyush Jain for 196.57 crores. District Judge Mayank Kumar has rejected the bail application of perfume businessman Piyush Jain, who has been in jail for 4 months in tax evasion case.

Piyush's advocate Chinmay Pathak had argued in the bail application that the entire case of DGGI is based only on Piyush's statement. The case is false and fictitious. There is no independent claim other than GST and bank officials. DGGI has also not found any documents related to tax evasion on Piyush. Piyush is a businessman, who has been collecting taxes for years. The family and business are being affected due to being in jail, due to which the government is also losing tax. He is also suffering from serious diseases. The charge has been filed. The discussion is over. Now Piyush should be given bail.

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On the other hand, Senior Special Public Prosecutor Digvijay Nath Dubey, who came from Lucknow on behalf of DGGI, argued that in addition to Rs 196.57 crore, Piyush had found several kilos of gold and 6 drums of sandalwood oil in the raid. Piyush has admitted in the statement that the recovered Rs 196.57 crore is his profit, but did not say from where the profit came.

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