Covid 19: Lockdown imposed in 27 cities here, 18 crore people trapped; Still the infection did not stop

Khushbu Kumari Jha
Khushbu Kumari Jha 01/05/2022 11:20 IST
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Corona Lockdown: Amidst the fierce outbreak of Corona, China is stuck on its zero Kovid policy. Under this, all the drastic steps like lockdown, mass testing, quarantine and sealing of borders are being taken to prevent the infection of corona, but the result is the same cover.

Coronavirus Lockdown China: There is an outcry in China due to the Corona epidemic. The year 2020 has once again created an uproar due to the repressive policies of the Xi Jinping administration. About 18 crore people are imprisoned in their homes due to the Zero Kovid policy. The strictness can also be gauged from the fact that at present there is a lockdown in 27 cities of China, of which the worst situation is of Shanghai, the financial capital of China. During the peak of infection, more than 10000 new cases were registered in this city in a day.

Ban on marriage and funeral

According to the report published in CNN, this time the situation is such that schools and colleges have been closed. The residential buildings of the Containment Zone have been sealed to curb the infections. Ceremonies like weddings have been banned. There has also been a tremendous increase in corona patients in Beijing. Even for the last rites in the deteriorating conditions, the dead are not getting even four shoulders.

How are the circumstances?

This time the situation in China started deteriorating from the month of March. Meanwhile, experts believe that there are situations in some cities like those created after the first case of corona was reported in Wuhan in early 2020. At present, China is stuck on its Zero Kovid Policy. To prevent the spread of infection, drastic steps like lockdown, mass testing, quarantine and closing of borders are being taken. But instead of improving, the situation is getting worse. In these 27 cities where there is a lockdown, the cases increased rapidly due to the Omicron variant, after which this alleged policy of China is being questioned.

City by city increasing infection

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The corona virus is spreading rapidly in different provinces and cities of China. In such a situation, the effect of strict restrictions of China's zero Kovid policy is not visible. At the same time, people are forced to die of hunger due to these restrictions. People troubled by the impact of Corona are pleading with the government for help, but so far their voice has not reached the rulers.

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