PM Narendra Modi: PM Modi said in Denmark - India-EU Free Trade Agreement will be concluded soon

Pankaj Prasad
Pankaj Prasad 03/05/2022 19:04 IST
PM Narendra Modi, Copenhgen, India-EU Free Trade Agreement, ceasefire in Ukraine, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen

PM Modi said that we appealed for an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine and to adopt the path of dialogue and diplomacy to solve the problem.

Copenhagen: Delegation level talks were held between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen. PM Modi expressed hope that India-EU free trade agreements will be signed soon. PM Modi said in Copenhagen on Tuesday that today we also discussed many regional and global issues including India-EU relations, Indo-Pacific and Ukraine. We hope that the negotiations on the India-EU Free Trade Agreement will be concluded at the earliest.

PM Modi said that we emphasized on ensuring a free, open, inclusive and rules-based Indo-Pacific region. He said that we appealed for an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine and the path of dialogue and diplomacy to solve the problem. There are many investment opportunities for Danish companies and Danish pension funds in India's infrastructure sector and green industries.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that there are more than 200 Danish companies operating in various sectors in India. These companies are working in the field of wind energy, shipping, consultancy, food processing, engineering etc. They are getting the benefit of the increasing Ease of Doing Business in India and our comprehensive economic reforms. The PM said that both our countries share values ​​like democracy, freedom of expression and rule of law. Together we both have many complementary strengths.

delegation level talks

It was told by the Ministry of External Affairs that a delegation-level meeting was also held in Copenhagen, in which both sides discussed the Green Strategic Partnership. Prime Ministers of both India and Denmark attended the meeting. Many issues including skill development, climate, renewable energy, Arctic were discussed between the two sides.

India's emphasis on Green Strategic Partnership

On this occasion, Danish Prime Minister Mate Fredriksson said that Denmark and India are working rapidly towards turning the Green Strategic Partnership into concrete results. He said that the Government of India is very ambitious about green transition. Denmark is playing an important role in this direction. He said that both of us are democratic countries, we share our values. We both respect the national law.

May our relationship get better - Mate Fredrickson

Mate Fredrickson said that we want to have a better bridge of relations between us. Like a good friend, we also discussed the situation arising out of the Ukraine crisis. We also discussed the serious crimes against humanity in Ukraine. He said that the massacre that took place in Bucha was a shocking incident. We condemned him. We have stressed the need for a fair investigation.

India will hold talks with Russia

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The Danish PM said that Denmark and the entire European Union condemned Russia's actions of illegal and unprovoked war. My message is very clear - Putin must stop this war. He said- Hopefully the Indian government will discuss this issue with Russia, so that the war can end.

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