Shaheen Bagh: SC refuses to hear petition against removal of encroachment, said- not political parties, victims should come

Pankaj Prasad
Shaheen Bagh Bulldozer Case, Shaheen Bagh, SC refuses to hear petition, removal of encroachment, Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has refused to hear the petition filed against the removal of encroachment from Delhi's Shaheen Bagh.

Shaheen Bagh Bulldozer Case: The Supreme Court refused to hear the petition filed against the removal of encroachment from Delhi's Shaheen Bagh and said that it cannot interfere in the matter at the behest of any political party. The Supreme Court on Monday reprimanded the question as to why political parties have approached the court instead of the victims in this case.

petitioner to go to high court

The Supreme Court has asked the petitioner to approach the High Court for any kind of relief in this matter. During the hearing, the Supreme Court said that they have not stopped the ongoing campaigns against encroachment across the country. The court said that the case in Shaheen Bagh is not related to residential houses, but is related to the evacuation of the road. After this the Communist Party of India Marxist also withdrew its petition. It is known that the Communist Party of India Marxist had filed a petition in the Supreme Court to stop the action taken by the Municipal Corporation against the illegal construction of South Delhi.

During the hearing, the judge said, "There is no victim?

During the hearing today on the action of removal of encroachment in South Delhi Municipal Corporation, the court asked why Communist Party of India Marxist is filing a petition in this matter. If any aggrieved party comes to us then it is understandable. Is there no victim? The court said that we intervened in Jahangirpuri because buildings were being demolished. Street vendors sell goods on the road. If the shops are getting damaged then they should have come to the court. Why should the street vendors come?

Bulldozers returned from Shaheen Bagh without taking action

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Hundreds of locals, including women, started protesting as soon as South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) officials reached Shaheen Bagh area on Monday with heavy police force and bulldozers to carry out the anti-encroachment operation. After the protest, the SDMC officials returned with the bulldozer without taking any action. The protesters raised slogans against the BJP-ruled SDMC and the central government and demanded to stop the action. At the same time, some women came and stood in front of the bulldozer.