Gyanvapi mosque will be surveyed again, tomorrow the date will be stamped, hearing will be held even after changing the commissioner

Pankaj Prasad
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In the case of Shringar Gauri and Gyanvapi Masjid, the process of survey will be started again.

In the case of Shringar Gauri and Gyanvapi Masjid, the survey which was left incomplete in the midst of huge uproar will be carried out again. For this, the court will hear again on Tuesday at 2 pm. On the first day of the survey on Friday, after the loud sloganeering on both sides, the survey work was left in limbo. In this case, a petition has also been filed to change the commissioner, which will also be heard.

The matter will be heard tomorrow at 2 pm

In the case of Shringar Gauri and Gyanvapi Masjid, the process of survey will be started again. Till now the survey was done on only one day and that process could not be done the next day. In such a situation, now the court is going to announce a new date. The matter is going to be heard tomorrow at 2 pm. In this case, a total three-day survey was proposed. But due to heavy, this survey had to be stopped midway within two days.

Everything is clearly marked in the 9130 file...

Advocate Subhash Nandan Chaturvedi told about the hearing in the court in the case of Shringar Gauri and Gyanvapi that the respondent number 4 in the court raised a question mark on the Advocate Commissioner and said that they were not conducting a fair investigation. Therefore, action should be taken to replace them. Hearing on this was held on Tuesday and the court, while securing it, will give its verdict on it. A decision will be taken on this after the hearing. Whatever the order of the court will be followed. There is no objection from our side because we have not yet entered for the survey inside the barricading, so how is the objection? After the debate in the court on Tuesday 10th May, the advance date of the survey will be issued. It is completely clear in the 9130 file that the so called mosque has been constructed by breaking the area of ​​Kashi Vishwanath temple.All these documents are available. It cannot be denied. This kind of action is being done by the respondent party only to avoid and pursue this matter. These people are doing this to obstruct this action. But still this survey will be completed. All the evidence will come out. No one can stop it.

Why oppose the survey?

Actually, in this whole case, the Muslim parties argue that outside the western wall of the mosque is the idol of Shringar Gauri. So what is the need to go inside the mosque? When a Varanasi court had ordered the survey, only then a huge protest was lodged regarding this matter. The situation had come that the Muslim parties had refused to obey the order of the court itself. The day of the survey was on Friday 6th May. On that day the Muslim community had reached the mosque in large numbers for the Friday prayers.

Survey was done amidst heavy noise

Slogans started outside the mosque as soon as the survey process started at 3 pm. But due to the tight security of the police, no untoward incident took place. Apart from this, the Hindu side believes that it is necessary to inspect the entire complex. It is being said that it is necessary to do Shringar to prove the existence of Gauri's idol. Now for the new date of the survey in this case, tomorrow i.e. on Tuesday 10 May, this entire issue will be heard in the court.

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