Jharkhand News: IAS Pooja Singhal appeared before ED, asked questions related to MGNREGA scam, source of income

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Pooja Singhal appeared before the ED yesterday, in which she was asked several questions including her sources of income, her role in the MNREGA scam.

IAS officer Pooja Singhal appeared before ED on Tuesday. The ED on Tuesday asked him questions related to his sources of income, his role in the MGNREGA scam and the cash deposited in his bank account. She is the first IAS officer from Jharkhand, whose premises were raided by ED on charges of money laundering and summoned for questioning.

Apart from Abhishek Jha, husband of IAS Pooja Singhal, the interrogation of CA Suman Kumar continued for the third day. Pooja Singhal and Abhishek Jha have also been called for questioning on Wednesday. CA Suman Kumar has now come close to revealing the secret of the seized money. Here Pooja Singhal along with her husband Abhishek Jha reached the ED office at around 11 am on Tuesday. After interrogation that lasted for nine hours, both were released at eight o'clock in the evening.

Earlier, a team of ED officers reached the office with CA Suman Kumar. ED sought information from Pooja Singhal about her sources of income and financial relations between her husband Abhishek Jha and her. After this, questions were asked related to the investigation in the MNREGA scam and the statements made by the then engineers Ram Vinod Sinha and RK Jain regarding commissioning in the schemes of MNREGA. The ED also asked questions related to the cash deposited in Pooja's ICICI Bank account and money transfer from her to CA Suman Kumar and his related companies.

Pooja could not give information about the cash deposited in the account:It is said that Pooja Singhal expressed her inability to tell anything immediately regarding the cash deposited in her bank account. During the investigation of MGNREGA scam, ED had found that one crore rupees in cash was deposited in several phases in the account opened in the name of Pooja Singhal in ICICI Bank.

He had bought 13 policies with the money of this bank account. Transactions in the company of CA Suman Kumar and his brother reveal that Pooja Singhal was in a relationship with CA Suman Kumar till the year 2017. Investigation found that Pooja Singhal first transferred Rs 3.96 lakh from her ICICI bank account to Suman Kumar's account on 26 May 2015.

He transferred Rs 6.39 lakh for the second time on 28 March 2016 to the account of Santosh Crusher Metal Works, an organization named after Suman Kumar and his father Radheshyam Singh. For the third time, on 21 September 2017, he transferred Rs 6.22 lakh to a company named Radheshyam Explosives owned by Pawan Singh, brother of CA Suman Kumar.

Two boxes of papers brought to the ED office

Apart from the capital, the papers seized during raids by ED in other states were brought to the ED office in Ranchi in two boxes on Tuesday. Apart from Jharkhand, the ED had conducted raids in Bihar, West Bengal, Delhi and Rajasthan.

Information on the financial aspects related to Pulse Hospital

ED officials asked Abhishek Jha questions related to the financial aspects of Pulse Hospital and Pulse Diagnostic Center on the third day on Tuesday as well. The ED also interrogated CA Suman Kumar on the third day. Ask the CA questions related to Pooja Singhal and Abhishek related to his relationship and transactions. After this, asked questions related to the seized money from his house.

Pulse Hospital land investigation report missing

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After the ED raid, now the investigation report of the Pulse Hospital land is being searched. For two days, it is being searched in the Ranchi Additional Collector's office, but the report is not being received. It is suspected that the investigation report has gone missing. The investigation of the hospital land was done two years ago by the then Additional Collector and Bargain CO. The complaint was that this land is of earthen nature, buying and selling is not possible.