Shringar Gauri-Gyanvapi Case: The judge said - if needed, we will conduct the survey ourselves, the hearing will continue even today

Pankaj Prasad
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In the Gyanvapi case, the court's debate will continue on Wednesday i.e. even today, on the issue of changing the advocate commissioner.

The process of hearing on the matter of changing advocate commissioner in Shringar Gauri and Gyanvapi case is going on continuously. Due to non-completion of hearing in the matter on Tuesday, the court has ordered to continue the arguments on Wednesday i.e. even today. A large number of security forces were deployed throughout the campus during the court proceedings.

In the Gyanvapi case, the opposition Anjuman Inazaniya Masajid Committee on May 7 demanded change of court commissioner from the court of civil judge (senior division) Ravi Kumar. The petition was heard on Monday and Tuesday. The hearing started on May 10 at 2 pm which lasted for 1 hour 47 minutes. Due to not being able to hear the matter completely, the court postponed the decision for today (May 11).

Plaintiff's advocate Subhash Nandan Chaturvedi told that only air talks were done on behalf of the respondent side without any facts. Taking this seriously, the court has also talked about going on the spot itself if needed and completing the commission's action. Advocate Deepak Singh told that the Hon'ble Court has heard both the sides. After that, the date of 11 May was fixed for hearing once again. After that the court will give its decision.

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Efforts are being made on behalf of the Muslim side to avoid this matter. They want this matter to be dragged on for a long time. It has become completely clear that the people of the Respondent party are trying to postpone the matter by taking date after date. The demand for replacement of Advocate Commissioner has been raised by the respondent side. It is baseless because action has not been started yet, then where did the allegation of bias come from? When commission action is not taken, then where will the report come from? During the hearing today, we have also raised the issue of contempt of court. Recording of all the obstacles made by the respondent side during the survey. Those are the proofs we have, the Advocates Commissioner has also presented his side. The court will decide tomorrow for the survey to be done. All the litigants have said that Gyanvapi is part of the temple complex of Adivishwar. In the past, Nandi was the god here and worship was done here.