Bihar News: Sahara agent got caught by people waiting for Subrata Roy, thrashed fiercely, video goes viral

Pankaj Prasad
Pankaj Prasad 14/05/2022 08:50 IST
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Sahara's owner had a court appearance in Patna on Friday.

People vented their anger on the agent itself when Sahara India owner Subrata Roy did not appear in the Patna High Court. Sahara's owner had a court appearance on Friday. Subrata Roy did not reach there, but his agents did reach there. Meanwhile, the eyes of the people who had trapped money in Sahara fell on the agent. After this, the anger of the angry mob broke out and beat him up. Its video was also made viral by making it. In the end, somehow the agent saved his life by running away from the spot.

A large number of investors had arrived

In fact, on hearing about Subrata Roy reaching the High Court, a large number of investors had reached the High Court since early morning. Subrata Roy was supposed to reach by 10.30 am, but he did not reach there till 11.30 am. Meanwhile, people's eyes fell on an agent of Sahara India. The agent somehow saved his life by running away from there. People told that this agent harass people. Intimidates. When people have a meeting, the agent beats up there.

Daughter's marriage is stuck due to money

A woman who reached the High Court told that in 2012 itself, money was fixed for the daughter's marriage. When it came to withdraw money when needed, it came to know that money is not being received yet. Went from office to High Court for my due money. Even after this money is not getting. Due to this money, his daughter's marriage has stopped.

Seven to eight crore rupees stuck

Aftab, an investor present on the occasion, told that I am standing here with 100 passbooks since morning. 7-8 crore rupees taken by him to deposit in Sahara are stuck. People start asking for money as soon as they come out. It has become difficult for them to leave the house.

Declared militant and fired

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A person named Ramesh Kumar told that he was both a depositor and a collector. His 5 lakhs were stuck. When he asked for his money, he was thrown out of his job by calling him a terrorist. Ongoing to the zone, the officials there beat up and drive them away.

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