Monkeypox virus: India ready to fight monkeypox infection, ICMR gives suggestions for prevention

Pankaj Prasad

Monkeypox is spreading rapidly in many countries including America, Europe.

India is ready to fight against monkeypox infection. Aparna Mukherjee, an official of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), said that monkeypox is spreading rapidly in many countries including America, Europe. However, no case has been registered in India so far. Health experts have also been urged to keep a close watch on unusual symptoms, especially for those with a history of traveling to countries infected with monkeypox.

Infection spreads from one person to another

Aparna Mukherjee said that if there are unusual symptoms like high fever, body aches, excessive lymphadenopathy, large lymph nodes with rash, investigation should be done. Monkeypox is spread through very close contact. He said that people should not panic about this disease and should contact the doctors soon if they are found to be monkeypox positive.

Children and the elderly at risk of infection

He said that children are more vulnerable to monkeypox infection. At the same time, the elderly will be vaccinated against smallpox. People who haven't been vaccinated against smallpox since the 1980s may be at higher risk for this infection. He further said that this disease has equal treatment for children and the elderly.

Infection spread in these countries

Monkeypox infections have been reported in some non-endemic countries, including the United States, Britain, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Australia, Canada, Austria, the Canary Islands, Israel and Switzerland. ICMR has appealed to these countries to keep a close watch on the people coming to India as well as not to come in contact with the people. At the same time, the Union Health Ministry in India has also directed health organizations to keep a close watch on the outbreak.

prevention from monkeypox

In the guidelines issued by ICMR, it has been said that close contact with sick people, dead or living should be avoided. Avoid contact with wild animals and contaminated material such as stratospheres, including monkeys. At the same time, touching the infected skin should be avoided if there are symptoms of monkeypox. Also, products containing cortisone should be avoided. But the doctors should be contacted with caution. ICMR has also advised international travelers in the guidelines.