Ladakh accident: Ramanuj's father had promised to come on leave, news of martyrdom came

Pankaj Prasad
Martyrdom in Ladakh
Martyrdom in Ladakh

Mourning spread in Bihar.

Martyr Ramanuj Kumar had come to attend his sister's wedding in April last month in Tuktuk sector of Ladakh. He participated enthusiastically in his sister's wedding and then returned to his duty on 26 April. But what did he know that he has come to his house for the last time, after that he will not be able to come. While returning to duty, father Lalan Yadav had told him that the son should come again after taking leave. On this Ramanuja promised to come home and then left for his duty. Lalan Yadav is a farmer.

Came home a month ago to attend sister's wedding

Ramanuja was the youngest of three brothers. Elder brother Jayaprakash works in a private company and second is Ramjit Kumar, who works in Railways. Ramanuj was selected in the Maharashtra Maratha Regiment in 2016. After his selection, the financial condition of the house had improved a lot and even money was juggled for the expenses of the sister's marriage. Ramanuja saved his salary and helped him financially in the marriage of his sister and also contributed in the repair of the house.

The people of the village gathered at the house

The news of Ramanuja's martyrdom spread mourning in the ancestral village located in Pariganj's Pari village. From Friday itself, the gathering of people from his village as well as the surrounding villages started happening at home. Only one thing was coming out of the mouth of all the villagers, what has happened? Villager Neeraj Kumar told that Ramanuja was very friendly and had a calm mind. He didn't mean to quarrel. Even when he came to his sister's wedding, he was only engaged in his work. The villagers said that from childhood till today, he had not even argued with anyone. All his education was done in Patna itself.