Gyanvapi Masjid Case: Vishwa Vedic Sanatan Sangh demands from the central government

Pankaj Prasad
Gyanvapi Masjid Case
Gyanvapi Masjid Case

Ban on PFI with immediate effect.

The next hearing of the Gyanvapi case is to be held on May 30 in the court of District Judge Ajay Krishna Vishwesh. Meanwhile, a new controversy has erupted regarding the Popular Front of India (PFI). Jitendra Singh Bisen has demanded Home Minister Amit Shah to ban PFI. He said that they have already demanded. Now once again a letter has been sent and demanded.

The role of PFI should be duly investigated- Bisen

He said that we should always be serious about anti-national forces. We are doing everything under the prescribed judicial process, and our mindset is not anti-national. We have full faith in the order of the court. There was a demand to ban PFI about a month ago and once again they are repeating their same demand, that their role should be duly investigated.

Regarding the Gyanvapi of Varanasi and the Shahi Idgah Masjid episode of Mathura, the Popular Front of India (PFI) has said that Muslims should oppose the ongoing moves against places of worship. Along with this, PFI has also expressed disappointment about the orders of the court. Jitendra Singh Visen, the head of Vishwa Vedic Sanatan Sangh, expressed his displeasure in Varanasi on Friday. He said that we had earlier also demanded Home Minister Amit Shah to strictly ban PFI and now once again by sending a letter.

Vishwa Vaidik Sanatan Sangh chief Jitendra Singh Visen said that the video related to the Gyanvapi episode should not be brought on the public platform, because it is an evidence and the evidence in any form remains limited to the plaintiff-respondent and the court. Until that case is fully settled. Until the decision is taken in the court, this evidence will not be considered as public property from anywhere.

The media is also busy trying that if some video is found from somewhere, then it should be sent on the channel. The viral video from the Respondent side is a video of cleanliness, and the video is of limited scope, but these videos are not of limited scope, they are from the entire Gyanvapi campus. If it doesn't come to the fore now, it's better.