Ghaziabad Police in action mode, two miscreants killed in encounter, 1 lakh prize cat also involved

Pankaj Prasad
ghaziabad police encounter
ghaziabad police encounter

In two separate incidents of encounter, the Ghaziabad police killed two prize-winning miscreants late on Friday night.

The police administration is on alert mode to curb the increasing crime and robbery incidents in the state. In this sequence, the police is busy in nabbing the criminals by running a continuous checking campaign. The latest case is from Ghaziabad , where two prize burglars were killed in two separate incidents of police encounter late on Friday night. Those have been identified as Rakesh and Billu alias Avneesh. Both the miscreants are residents of Badalpur police station area of ​​Gautam Budh Nagar district.

In retaliation of the police, the crook Rakesh killed

According to the information received, the first incident of encounter is from Madhuban Bapudham area of ​​Ghaziabad, while the second incident is from Indirapuram police station area. Based on the information received from the informer, the police laid siege to the miscreant Rakesh in Madhuban Bapudham area. The accused saw himself surrounded by the police net and started firing. Accused Rakesh did not surrender only at the behest of the police. In the end, the accused Rakesh was killed in retaliation by the police.

crooks wanted in double murder case

The accused Rakesh, who was killed in the police encounter, was a resident of Dujana village of Badalpur police station area. Several criminal cases were registered against him in different police stations. Apart from this, miscreants Billu Dujana and Rakesh Dujana were also wanted in the double murder case in Wave City. A reward of Rs 50,000 was also announced on Rakesh. Police took the body of the accused in possession and sent it for post-mortem. Also, the relatives of the deceased were informed about the incident.

One lakh rupees prize cat also killed in the encounter

The second incident of the encounter was carried out in the Indirapuram police station area. Billu alias Avneesh was killed in a police encounter here. According to the information received, the deceased crook Billu alias Avneesh Anil is a member of the gang. Billu was one lakh rupees prize crook, whom the police was looking for for a long time. Many criminal cases were registered in different police stations in the name of Billu. There is also news of a constable being injured in the police encounter, who is being treated at the district hospital.

There were 16 cases against miscreants in different states

Regarding this whole series, SSP Muniraj said that 16 cases are registered against the accused in different states including Delhi. The miscreants were also accused of shooting and killing two people in the Kavinagar area, after which the police were continuously looking for both. Eventually the police got information about the miscreant. Where both the miscreants were killed in retaliation.