Patiala violence, Mohali attack and Moosewala's murder after Kabaddi player, government in ques

Pankaj Prasad
Punjabs intelligence system failed
Punjabs intelligence system failed

After the formation of the Aam Aadmi Party government in Punjab, the security of the dignitaries has been cut thrice so far.

The intelligence agencies of Punjab are proving unsuccessful in dealing with gangsters. The latest case pertains to the murder of famous singer Sidhu Musewala, while the headquarters of the Intelligence Wing of Punjab Police has also been attacked this month. Earlier, in the cases of Patiala violence and the murder of Kabaddi players in Jalandhar, neither the intelligence agencies could make any predictions in advance nor the Punjab Police has been able to nab the main culprits so far.

Even in the case of Moosewala's murder, the things that are coming out so far, it is being said that gangsters were tracking him for a long time but the intelligence agencies did not even know about it. It is also noteworthy that Moosewala had received threats by gangsters in the year 2020 as well, which was revealed by the arrest of two henchmen. It was then revealed that the gangsters were demanding a ransom of Rs 50 lakh from Moosewala. Despite this, the state government cut Moosewala's security.

Along with this, the matter of making public the information about the reduction in security has also gained momentum. It is noteworthy that the security provided by the State Police to such dignitaries is reviewed from time to time and security has been increased or decreased by observing the danger on them, but the State Police and the State Government have never made any changes in this regard. The statement is also not made public. 

After the formation of the Aam Aadmi Party government in Punjab, the security of the dignitaries has been cut thrice so far. Along with this, its information has also been made public immediately, due to which the danger to such persons has increased further. This negligence of the government is also being considered as a big reason in the murder of Musewala. The government made four from 10 again, two security personnel , the first 10 gunmen were deployed in the security of Musewala, which was reduced to four. But on Saturday, the state government also recalled 2 out of these 4 gunmen. Thus clearly the intelligence wing of Punjab Police could not foresee the threat to Moosewala from the gangsters. On the other hand, Anti Gangster Task Force was also formed by the state government to deal with the gangsters, whose achievements so far are zero. 

This task force could not solve a single incident, nor has any big gangster come in the hands of this force. The responsibility of killing Musewala has been taken by Canadian-based gangster Goldie Brar, who is an accomplice of Lawrence Bishnoi, lodged in a Punjab jail. It is clear from the continuous incidents that there is no fear of the Punjab Police and its intelligence agencies among the gangsters.

Weapons reaching the gangsters from Pakistan

Pakistan's intelligence agency ISI and the terrorists sitting in their lap have started providing modern weapons to the gangsters here to spoil the atmosphere of Punjab. The preliminary investigation itself revealed that the gangsters had used three types of weapons. According to the investigating officers of the Intelligence Department of Punjab, 30 China-made pistols have also been sent in huge quantities from Pakistan, which were sent from Pakistan through drones. 

According to the officials of the agencies, such weapons are being sent, which are easy to pocket due to their small size. Apart from this, AK-47 has also reached the gangsters in Punjab from Pakistan. It is coming to the fore that the terrorists who attacked the Intelligence Headquarters in Mohali had modern weapons besides launchers. Drugs and weapons are being supplied continuously through drones in Punjab, due to which the danger has increased a lot. Weapons and drones have been continuously sent to Punjab from the Ferozepur sector in Punjab.