5 years case for 35 rupees, now railways will return this amount to 2.98 lakh people

Pankaj Prasad
Indian Railways
Indian Railways

A person from Kota fought for five years to get Rs 35 back from the railways and finally won.

A person from Kota fought for five years to get Rs 35 back from the railways and finally won. About three lakh people also benefited from his victory. Quoting the reply received by him under the Right to Information (RTI) application, Kota-based engineer Surjit Swamy said that the Railways has approved a refund of Rs 2.43 crore to 2.98 lakh passengers of IRCTC.

The youth sought answer by filing RTI

Swamy said he had filed around 50 applications under RTI and wrote letters to four government departments to get back the Rs 35 collected as service tax. Railways had collected service tax even after the cancellation of tickets before the implementation of GST system. Swamy claimed that the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), in response to his RTI application, said that 2.98 lakh users would get Rs 35 back on each ticket, amounting to Rs 2.43 crore.

Railways deducted money in the name of GST

Surjit Swamy told PTI, I have repeatedly tweeted about the demand for refund, I tagged the Prime Minister, Railway Minister, Union Minister Anurag Thakur, GST Council and Finance Minister who gave Rs 35-35 back to 2.98 lakh users Played an important role in getting it.

The young man had booked a ticket in 2017

He told that he had booked a railway ticket from here to Delhi in Golden Temple Mail in April that year to travel on July 2, 2017. The new system of 'GST' was implemented across the country from July 1. However, he canceled the ticket, which cost Rs 765 and got back Rs 665 with a deduction of Rs 100, while his Rs 65 should have been deducted. He charged an additional amount of Rs 35 as service tax from him, he said. However, she had canceled the ticket before the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax.

IRCTC refunded Rs 33 instead of 35

Swamy started his fight to get Rs 35 back by sending RTI applications to the Ministry of Railways and Finance. In response to the RTI application, IRCTC had said, Rs 35 will be returned. Swamy said that on May 1, 2019, he got Rs 33 back and Rs 2 was deducted. After this, Swami fought for the next three years to get back two rupees and last Friday he got success and he got back two rupees too.

3 lakh people will get money back

According to Swamy, a senior IRCTC official informed him, the Railway Board has approved the refund of Rs 35 to all users (2.98 lakhs) and the process of depositing the money is underway. All the passengers will now get their money back.