Ex-Pornhub star Mia Khalifa lifts lid on exactly how much money she rakes in on OnlyFans

Amit Kumar Jha
Mia Khalifa only fans
Mia Khalifa only fans

OnlyFans star Mia Khalifa has lifted the lid on just how much money she makes through the content subscription app, where she revealed just how much she makes a day through the popular app

Former Pornhub star Mia Khalifa has lifted the lid on how much money she makes through content subscription service OnlyFans on a daily basis.

The app, which was popularised by models and influencers offering private content for cash subscriptions, houses content from the 29-year-old media personality.

In an interview published to her Instagram story, Mia praised the "socialism at its best" business model of OnlyFans and was prompted by an interviewer into revealing how much money she was making through the app.

Mia revealed all in an interview where she spoke with writer and interviewer Ziwe Fumudoh about her new career path, praising the content subscription service and revealing her income.

Mia spoke of how much she makes from the app, which is predominantly used for "fans" to subscribe to their favourite influencers and content creators.

Ziwe asked Mia: "Larsa Pippen makes $10,000 a day on OnlyFans. How much do you make a day? No offence?"

Mia simply replied: "Around that."

Her honest reply shocked Ziwe, who repeated "a day", to the 29-year-old, who went on to praise the "sex workers, single mothers and strippers" that built the "cornerstone" of the app.

The star added: "Thursdays are bad days, they're slow days. I will take a day off here and there."

Mia's earnings of a whopping $10,000 (£7,900) a day make her lavish lifestyle that much sweeter, with the Instagram star taking another tour of London recently.

Her recent trip to the English capital wowed her fans, with Daily Star reporting her surprise return to the UK.

Mia had marked herself as a huge fan of the city on a previous trip, where she praised the UK for having a wide variety of wines on its delivery apps and she also became a fond fan of blood pudding.

Her trip to London was documented thoroughly on her Instagram story, where she delighted fans with a series of snaps in and around the capital city.

The Lebanese-born beauty captioned a photo outside of Shepherd's Market with "Pip pip, cheerio, b*tchs" and accompanied her hilarious caption with a Union Jack and English flag.

Mia had enjoyed a "last night in Soho" where she dazzled fans with a series of emotional posts declaring her love for London and the boozy nights.