Agra: Devaki Nandan Thakur's big statement on the demand for Namaz in Charminar

Pankaj Prasad
Devkinandan Thakur
Devkinandan Thakur

When permission was sought to offer prayers at Charminar memorial in Hyderabad, Devaki Nandan Thakur said that do not do so.

Devaki Nandan Thakur, the narrator in Tajnagri, has made a big demand. Talking to the media, he said that we have to do Bhagwat Katha in Jama Masjid. Devkinandan Thakur has made this demand regarding the permission sought by the Congress leader to open the Charminar of Hyderabad and offer prayers in it. He said that if permission is given for Namaz, then we will also demand to conduct Bhagwat Katha in Jama Masjid.

Devkinandan Thakur gave a big statement 

Devkinandan Thakur, who came to Agra, spoke in detail on many points regarding the ongoing temple and mosque dispute in Mathura and Kashi. In the midst of the ongoing controversy over whether Gyanvapi is a 'mosque or a temple', statements are being seen among religious leaders of different religions regarding the 1991 Place of Worship (Special Act) Act. At the same time, challenging this law, many people have also filed a petition in the Supreme Court. One of which is also named after the prominent saint of Braj region, Devkinandan Thakur.

While giving a press conference at a residence in Kamla Nagar, Devkinandan Thakur said that our country is a democratic country and the doors of the court are always open to resolve any dispute or problem here as per rules. If this does not happen, then democracy will be dominated by mob system. Therefore, the Supreme Court should take legal action in the cases of Mathura and Kashi and whatever its decision will come, we will accept it.

Statement given on Charminar and Gyanvapi case

Asked for permission to offer Namaz at Charminar Memorial in Hyderabad, Devkinandan Thakur said not to do so. If you do this, then we will ask permission to perform Shrimad Bhagwat Katha in Sanatani Hindu Jama Masjid. Then you will also suffer. Devkinandan Thakur said that in view of the way Asaduddin Owaisi works to instigate the society by giving provocative speeches, I demand from the government that his politics should be banned for life.

After the Gyanvapi controversy, Devkinandan Thakur raised questions about the meeting of gurus belonging to a particular religion. He said where should we leave our country and go. This is the only country of us Hindus. If they want to leave, then those people leave them and they have 56 countries of their religion. In fact, these religious leaders do not want a solution to the problem, but they want to provoke the society.

Devkinandan Thakur said that it is known from the word Gyanvapi that we have a temple of Shiva. What a great injustice is being done to us that these people continued to perform wudu on the Shivling, the symbol of Shiva. We are being threatened from above. These people are talking about following the Shariat by not following the law. Supreme Court should take action against such people.