Caste census will be conducted at government expense, Nitish cabinet has stamped

Pankaj Prasad
Bihar Caste Census
Bihar Caste Census

The state government will get this calculation done at its own expense.

Bihar Caste Census: The cabinet meeting was called on Thursday, the next day after the all-party meeting on the caste-based census, chaired by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Where many important agendas were stamped by the Bihar cabinet. Along with this, in this meeting, the proposal to do caste-based calculations in Bihar on its own expenses was also approved by the state government.

Consent to conduct caste census in all-party meeting

It was said in the cabinet's proposal that by conducting caste census, accurate data of the status of all castes in the state would be available. This will facilitate the implementation of plans for the proper development of different castes. In the all-party meeting held on Wednesday, all the parties had given their consent to conduct caste census in the state. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had soon talked about getting all the suggestions approved by taking them to the cabinet meeting.

District administration will be its officer

Giving information about the decision of the cabinet, Chief Secretary Aamir Subhani said that the calculation will be done at many levels. For this the main responsibility will be given to the general administration. If the district administration will be its office bearers at the district level, then the responsibility will be fixed at the panchayat level as well.

500 crore provision

A provision of 500 crores will be made from Bihar Contingency Fund for caste-based calculation. The target has been set to complete the caste-based census within eight months. For this, work will be done very fast.