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In Jharkhand, fake doctors are running private hospitals indiscriminately, two people arrested

Pankaj Prasad
fake doctors
fake doctors

In Jharkhand, private clinics and hospitals run by doctors with fake degrees are running indiscriminately.

Ranchi: In Jharkhand, the case of fake doctors treating and running hospitals is increasing, there are many such fake degree holder doctors in the state who are running private clinics and hospitals indiscriminately. A person named Ujjwal Kumar Sinha of Hazaribagh has similarly been caught running private nursing at two places. His Nursing Home is located at Raja Bungalow Complex and Noora Road. On fake papers, he not only got the nursing home registered from the health department but also got the loan of lakhs passed from the banks.

After the matter came to light, the civil surgeon canceled the certificate of operation of both the nursing homes. On the other hand, Ved Prakash Dwivedi, a fake doctor of Jhumri Tilaiya of Koderma, used to not only treat the patients on call, but also operated them when needed.

In the Maa Nursing Home located in Hazaribagh, along with the treatment of general patients, Caesarean operations and treatment of all kinds of diseases were done. From anesthesia to big surgeons used to come here on call. Both the nursing homes were running for the last five years. For this, many agents used to get a hefty commission amount, who used to bring patients here from different blocks and villages.

The disclosure of the matter happened like this:

Ujjwal Kumar Sinha and Ved Prakash Dwivedi were trying to get themselves registered as MBBS doctors in Jharkhand State Medical Board by applying fake certificates in online applications. For this, the application was submitted to the Jharkhand Medical Council on 21 May 2022.

On June 4, 2022, during the verification of the certificates presented in the council, the fraud was exposed. On the complaint of Jharkhand State Medical Board, fake doctors Ved Prakash Dwivedi (Koderma) and Ujjwal Kumar Sinha of Hazaribagh were sent to jail on Sunday evening. An FIR has been registered at Lower Bazar police station under the sections of cheating, forgery and cheating.

When the matter came to light, the civil surgeon of the district canceled the registration of the nursing home

Nursing home was registered with the help of fake documents, fake doctors sent to jail

This is not the first case. Such fake doctors are practicing across the state by putting foreign degrees on fake name plates. Action should be taken by running a campaign against such wrong people.

Dr. Bimlesh Singh, Registrar cum Secretary, Jharkhand State Medical Board

Nursing home has been closed. Further action will be taken as per the rules. The investigation of the matter is going on. The documents submitted for opening a nursing home will be scrutinized.

Dr Suraj Singh, Civil Surgeon Hazaribagh