Corona raises concern once again, more than 2700 new cases of corona in Maharashtra

Pankaj Prasad
Corona cases in Maharashtra
Corona cases in Maharashtra

On Wednesday, 2,701 new cases of corona virus infection were reported in Maharashtra, which is the highest daily cases in nearly four months.

Maharashtra Corona Update: On Wednesday, 2,701 new cases of coronavirus infection were reported, which is the highest daily cases in nearly four months. Health department officials gave this information. He said that the number of patients undergoing treatment for the infection has now reached close to ten thousand, although no patient died due to the epidemic on Wednesday.

Corona's graph increased

The Health Department said that after the new cases, the total number of Covid-19 cases in the state has increased to 78,98,815. According to the department, the number of patients undergoing treatment for infection in the state is 9,806. On February 17 this year, 2,797 cases were found in the state. On Tuesday, 1,881 new cases of Covid-19 were reported in Maharashtra while 1,036 cases were found on Monday.

1,765 new coronavirus cases in Mumbai

Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) said that 1,765 new cases of infection were reported in Mumbai city on Wednesday while 1,242 new cases were reported a day earlier. This is the highest number of cases in a single day since January 26. At the same time, an increase of about 42 percent was registered in the number of cases of corona infection. Significantly, on 26 January, there were 1,858 cases of corona virus infection in Mumbai and 13 deaths.

11 patients were put on oxygen support

Of the 1,765 new patients found in Mumbai on Wednesday, 1,682 are non-Covid symptomatic patients, while 83 patients have symptoms of corona, only 11 patients are taking the help of oxygen. According to the bulletin, the recovery rate from Covid-19 is 98 percent. In the last 24 hours, 739 patients have defeated the infection. A total of 10,46,972 patients have become infection free in Mumbai so far.

Now wearing a mask is mandatory during flight

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation has taken a big decision in view of the rising corona. Under this decision, it will now be mandatory to wear a mask during the flight, as well as the passengers will have to strictly follow the corona protocol. At the same time, the Delhi High Court has also directed to include those who violate the rules in the no-fly list.