Post mortem worker said bring 50 thousand and then take your son's dead body

Pankaj Prasad
Samastipur Viral Video
Samastipur Viral Video

Parents are raising money by begging.

After the death of the young son, the post-mortem worker was demanding 50 thousand rupees for giving the dead body. Poor parents were also ready to give two thousand rupees in exchange for the dead body of their son. But, when the post-mortem worker was not ready to give the dead body for less than 50 thousand, then his parents started begging to get the dead body of the son. His video of getting the son's body became increasingly viral. After the video went viral, the DM of Samastipur directed the Civil Surgeon to investigate the entire matter. In a hurry, Civil Surgeon Dr SK Chaudhary investigated the whole matter and called the whole matter baseless.

In fact, on June 6, an unidentified body was found by the police in the Musrigharari police station area of ​​Samastipur. In the event of his not being recognized, after conducting the police post-mortem, he was kept safe in the post-mortem house for 72 hours. A day later, the body was identified as Sanjeev Thakur, son of Mahesh Thakur, of Aahar Ward 2, a town under Tajpur police station area. Finding the dead body, his family members reached the post-mortem house. Where the post-mortem worker first showed the body to the relatives, then on being recognized, demanded 50 thousand rupees instead of giving the dead body. On not paying the money, the post-mortem worker drove the parents away from there.

He did not have 50 thousand rupees to get the son's body. Disturbed by this, his parents started collecting money by begging. This can be seen in the viral video. As soon as his begging video went viral on social media, the district administration became active and after investigating the whole matter, denied the whole matter.