Notification of teacher transfer rules issued in Jharkhand

Pankaj Prasad
Teacher transfer
Teacher transfer

Posting will be done in urban areas only for five years.

The process of transfer of teachers is about to start in Jharkhand, its manual has been amended. After approval from the cabinet, the School Education Department issued its notification. For this the district has been divided into 5 zones. District headquarter in zone one and sub-divisional and block headquarter schools in zone two.

According to the rules, now teachers will not be posted in zone one and two ordinarily (one term) for more than five years. In special circumstances, the benefit of HRA, TA will not be given in case of posting for more than five years. The teachers themselves will inform their withdrawal and disposal officer about not withdrawing the amount of financial benefit related to it. In case of withdrawal of amount, both will be guilty.

In zones one and two, where teachers will not be posted for more than one term, teachers posted in zones three to five can apply to stay for more than one term. They can be posted in these zones for more than one term based on the request of the teacher.

Teachers will be able to transfer to their home district:

Inter-district transfer of teachers will start with the implementation of teacher transfer rules. Teachers will be able to transfer to their home district. According to the changes made in the rules, the changes in the special circumstances in the home district recorded in the service book of the teachers can be done. By the way, the district recorded in the service book will be considered as the home district of the teachers. If husband and wife are posted in one district, both will not be posted in the same school.

In inter-district transfer, priority will be given like this:

Priority has been fixed for inter-district transfer. According to the posting, age, priority in different zones, different marks have been fixed on the category.

Preference will be given to widows, divorced, unmarried teachers, widows of military personnel among women. In the Divyang category, vision, locomotor handicap, and deaf and deaf will get sequential priority. In the transfer of teachers in elementary school, preference will be given to the teacher having knowledge of the local language.

Inter-District Transfer From Directorate Level :

Under the rules, there will be transfer of teachers from primary to plus two schools. Normal transfer of primary and high school teachers at district and inter-district transfer directorate level and transfer of plus two school teachers will be done at directorate level only. The entire process of transfer will be online. The process of transfer of teachers will be completed by December every year.

Three years service will be mandatory:

Three years service will be mandatory for the transfer of teachers. Teachers will be transferred in the district of the local language from which they have passed.

Transfer process will start soon: Education Minister

Education Minister Jagarnath Mahato has said that the process of transfer of teachers will start soon. Guidelines are being issued to the districts. Teachers will now get an opportunity to transfer to the home district. Teacher recruitment process will also start soon.

Inter-district transfer will be according to local language

HRA and TA will not be available if posted for more than five years in headquarters and urban areas

The process of transfer of teachers' home district will also start

Teachers will be able to make changes in the home district marked in the service book under special circumstances

Determination of Zone for Transfer

1. Zone 1: Municipal Corporation / Nagar Panchayat and other municipal bodies which are located in the notified area by the Urban Development and Housing Department.

2. Zone Two: The school of such Panchayat area in which the sub-division, block headquarter is located. This subdivision/block will be known as Panchayat.

3. Zone Three: A - Schools located within a radius of five kilometers from the sub-division and block panchayat