Student became victim of sextortion in Patna, made a video call, took obscene screen shot

Pankaj Prasad
Sextortion in Patna
Sextortion in Patna

The student lodged a complaint with the police station.

Cases of sextortion are continuously coming to the fore in Patna. Most of the people who become victims of sextortion are those who accept the friend request of an unknown beautiful girl on Facebook and share their WhatsApp number as well as other information. One such new case has come to light from Ashok Nagar of Kankarbagh police station.

Threatening to put obscene photos on social media 

Here the miscreants made a student a victim of sextortion and threatened to defame him by posting obscene photos on social media and demanded extortion of 20 thousand. The student kept thinking for a few days what to do and what not to do, but in the end a friend asked him to inform the police. After this he informed the Kankarbagh police station about the whole matter.

Befriended on Facebook and took WhatsApp number

The sextortion gang has created a fake account on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. in the name of the girl. Along with this, put a photo of a beautiful girl in the account. The same gang made the student a girl and sent a friend request on Facebook. The student accepted the friend request. After this, both started talking on the messenger and during this time the alleged girl took the student's WhatsApp number in the conversation itself.

video call screenshot

Pretending to be in love after taking the number, the girl offered to talk and have online sex by making a video call, then the student also happily accepted. When the girl made a video call, she was in a nude position. The student also became naked at the behest of that girl and during this time took the screenshot.

ask for 20 thousand rupees 

The student got a call from an unknown number in which the caller said that if he does not pay 20 thousand rupees, then the picture of his nude position will be made viral on social media. Along with this, along with the screen shot, the details of an account were sent to his WhatsApp.

student gave information in the police station 

However, instead of giving the amount, the student informed the Kankarbagh police station about the whole matter. It should be noted that many such cases have come to the fore. These gangs are especially targeting young students, as people of this age group become their victims easily.