Nusrat Bharucha's film gives both entertainment and message released in Janhit Mein Jaari

Pankaj Prasad
Janhit Mein Jaari
Janhit Mein Jaari

The more serious the subject of the film, the more it has been treated with laughter and laughter.

Janhit Mein Jaari Movie Review: Before Pandemic, the trend of films capable of not only entertaining the audience but also giving an effective message was in full swing at the ticket window. After the Pandemic, entertainment has dominated the films released at the box office, but the film released this Friday has taken both the entertainment and the message released in the public interest.

movie story

The story of the film is of Manu (Nushrat Bharucha), a resident of Chanderi. One who has to stand on his feet before marriage means to become self-sufficient. The family members give him a month's grace, if he does not get a job by then, then he will have to get married. Getting a job is not easy and the situation becomes such that she starts working as a sales girl in a condom selling company. The twist in the story comes when he has to choose between his marriage and this job. Why does she choose her job? What will happen to her marriage? Will Manu be able to change the thinking of the orthodox society and the people of her in-laws.

film treatment

You have to watch this movie to know the answer to all these questions. This film brings to the fore the important and serious issue of safe sex. This film keeps statistics that every year many girls in India lose their lives due to abortion. The more serious the subject of the film, the more it has been treated with laughter and laughter. The film talks about safe sex. The film also emphasizes that the way girls need to buy pads, buy condoms in the same way, but without being obscene. This is what makes the story and screenplay of this film special. Talking about the flaws, the film has become a bit slow in the second half. A little work on the editing of the film could have made it crispy. Along with this, be it the character of Anud Singh Dhaka or the change of heart of Vijay Raj's character, the kind of dialogues and scenes that cause changes in them have not become that effective in the film,

how is acting

Coming to the acting aspect, this is an important USP of this film. This film was on the shoulders of actress Nushrat Bharucha and she has fulfilled this responsibility very well. Anud Singh is Dhaka's first film as a lead, but he seems to be living his character with full confidence in the film. Credible names of acting like Vijay Raaz, Tinnu Anand, Vijender Kalra, Istiaq Khan have made the film more special with their presence. Actor Paritosh Tripathi's work is remarkable, whenever he has appeared on the screen, he has laughed fiercely. Rest of the characters have also done justice to their roles.

Talking about other aspects, the dialogues of the film are worth listening to. This has made the entire film more entertaining along with the characters. The song, music and cinematography of the film are in sync with the story.