Urfi Javed's dress was cut till the top, strong wind blew and opened more

Maharanee Kumari
Urfi Javeds dress
Urfi Javeds dress

Urfi Javed's new look has created panic on social media. In the new look, the actress is seen wearing a revealing gown. Along with this, she was also seen saving her flying dress.

Urfi Javed New Look: Whenever Urfi Javed comes in front of the camera, he does some new drama. Something similar happened this time also. The actress was spotted wearing such a bold and revealing dress of maroon color that her dress itself became her life. The actress was seen saving her flying dress due to strong wind.

wearing revealing gown

Urfi Javed was seen wearing a very revealing gown outside the restaurant in Mumbai. The actress had wrapped the clothes in the name of the gown in such a way that most of her body was being shown. This dress of the actress is not only revealing from the front but the gown is also backless.


The gown was cut till the top

The special thing is that this gown of Urfi has a Thai slit. Due to which there was so much cut in the gown of the actress that Urfi was seen handling her dress in some way due to the strong wind. 

 coffee date offer

Urfi posed for a selfie with the fan. After this she started talking about giving coffee to the paparazzi. Urfi said, come let me drink coffee.

had come in front with a rope

Before this, another video of Urfi Javed was very much discussed. In this, the Urfi cloth was made like a rope and it was wrapped on the body.

always wear such clothes

Let us tell you, this is not the first time that Urfi Javed has been seen wearing such clothes. Even before this, Urfi has surprised people by dressing like this many times and has been a victim of trolling many times. Even after this, Urfi continues to share videos of experiments with her dress on social media.